behind the look

Abbie May Hopkins

Makeup Artist to the Stars

Abbie May Hopkins
Jul 2016

This probably isn’t a look most of us would wear to pop to the shops, but we’re all about a little bit of excitement here at Dr.Lipp! We love nothing more than getting inventive with our Original Nipple Balm, and this look is a perfect example of the different ways it can be used. After all, the fewer products you need, the better!


  1. Prep the skin as usual, and apply the Original Nipple Balm to the lips
  2. Apply a light shade of foundation to areas you would normally highlight, and a darker one where you want to contour
  3. Curl the lashes and apply as many layers of black mascara as you like; subtlety is not what we’re going for here
  4. Define the top lash line with a black gel liner
  5. Cover the bottom lash line in black pencil liner, and smudge it out for a smoky effect
  6. Fill in the brows with a dark pencil, and brush them upwards, using Dr.Lipp on a clean mascara wand to create a shine
  7. Apply a matte nude lipstick to contrast with the glossiness of the overall look
  8. Finally, mix Dr.Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm with glitter and stick the mixture on the skin and hair as desired