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Wild About Beauty. Natural Makeup.



Louise Redknapp & Kim Jacob

May, 2016

These two powerhouses, Kim the makeup artist and Louise the multitalented creative, have teamed up to create Wild About Beauty, a makeup brand that we loooove. Wild About Beauty is great for busy women on the go - with light formulas and easy-to-use products, they offer a solution to women who want a natural, glowy look in no time at all.

At what age did you discover make-up?

Kim: I learnt from my mother at a young age; she has always cared about her appearance and this rubbed off onto me.
Louise: At the time of being in a band and in front of the camera, I was aware of makeup and its important role in my everyday life.

Of course we are familiar with Kim for her MUA work, and Louise for her singing and fashion career, so what made you decide to team up and create Wild About Beauty?

Louise: We worked together for 6 years before we decided to do a range. Kim was developing products for FCUK and had her own range of Mother and Baby natural skincare products. I loved them:  the ethos, textures, the scent and formulations. With a passion for make-up, beauty and fashion, I wanted a business that I could be involved in and use my creative talents. This is where the brand developed from. I also had terrible pigmentation issues after having my child – Kim covered these and left my skin looking alive and glowing, just what we believe all women want.

Who are your icons in the world of fashion and beauty?
We both love Helena Christensen as a women and a model, she’s a natural beauty. Also Poppy Delevingne is an inspirational beauty.

Other than your own brand, what are your favourite make up brands?
Kim: I love Cosmetics a la Carte.
Louise: BECCA and Hourglass.

When it comes to your own make up, do you prefer Natural or Glam?
We both prefer natural, mums-on-the-run, quick and easy. As working women and mums, we prefer natural beauty.

Louise, what tip and tricks have you learnt from makeup artists?
Less is more, and to cover up the bits I don’t like – my pigmentation – using creamy multipurpose products that leave my skin glowing and looking alive.

Kim, what’s your best tip?
Only use powder where necessary, it’s ageing if you mattify your face with powder. I only cover up bits that need it so your skin looks fresh and glowing.

How important are Natural Products to you?  Do you use anything other than naturals?
Kim: I love naturals but they have to perform, i.e. do what they are meant to. I believe that naturals can perform as well in skincare and cosmetics, but these need to be balanced with technology to make sure of the benefits.

Louise, what do you think about Dr. Lipp? What do you use it for?
I love this product and use it on my daily dog walks to nourish my lips against the elements. I also share it with my children who use it too.

Kim, do you use Dr. Lipp on your models? If so, what for?
I do use it on models and have it as a staple in my makeup bag. I like to prep the lips before I do their makeup to add a surge of moisture.

Kim, what’s going to be hot for SS15 make up looks?
 A mix of pastels and red lips is coming from the catwalk. Pastel eyes, lips and nails, or neutral shades everywhere with a pop of red lipstick like the D&G show.

What’s the bestselling Wild About Beauty product?
Our Mattifying Balm is one of our hero products along with the Rose Water serum.

What are both of your favourite Wild About Beauty products?
Kim: Golden Skin Glow for a hint of sunkissed colour, a favourite all-year-long product.
Louise: Sheer Glow Moisture Tint has a lovely hydrating effect on my skin with the right level of coverage for everyday.

We love how you name your products after people you know, what name will you use next?  ‘The Doctor’ maybe?!
Our products have very personal names – we’ve exhausted all the Redknapps so I guess its Kim’s turn to use up her family names now! Possibly Sylvia after her mum…

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"I love Dr. Lipp and use it on my daily dog walks to nourish my lips against the elements."

Louise Redknapp & Kim Jacob

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