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Japanese Hangover Makeup
Jan 2017
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Japanese Hangover Makeup

After the holiday season I think I’ve seen enough hangover-hiding makeup tips to last a lifetime. We’re all trying to get that glow back, and cover up any damage we may have done over the Christmas period… but in Japan, apparently they’re doing the opposite!

Different variations of this trend have been around for a while, but I have only just been enlightened, and I am absolutely fascinated. Just between us, I don’t particularly fancy myself at my most radiant after a big night out, but then again, I haven’t tried ‘igari’!

I suppose you could say no two hangovers are the same, and that’s certainly reflected by how differently people interpret the trend. Some recreate a slept-in makeup look by smudging eyeliner and even drawing on artificial bags, and others use blush to make the area under their eyes look flushed and red. No matter the interpretation though, puffy under eyes seem to be essential, as well as clear, fresh looking skin to balance out the drama.

Though red and puffy under eyes don’t exactly scream health and beauty, subconsciously this look is meant to create the idea that you have naturally great skin (because surely if you look like that you couldn’t be wearing any face makeup) and good circulation.

Don’t get too excited though, flushed skin under your eyes may be part of the look, but dark circles aren’t. Nearly all versions of the trend involve properly concealing the under eye area first, and then applying any colour over the top – rather than going completely au naturel!

Whatever your personal opinion might be, they’re definitely taking ‘no makeup makeup’ to a whole new level… but I’m not sure if I’m quite brave enough to try it just yet!