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January Wellbeing Tips
Jan 2020
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Our Diary...

January Wellbeing Tips

It’s nearly the end of the month Darlings! We hope you’re all keeping up with your New Year resolutions as best as you can…we certainly have been trying our best! Down at the Dr.Lipp HQ we have adhered to our foremost resolution for this month #WETJAN – hydration everywhere! For all of you new to this month’s trending hashtag we’re committed to starting 2020 with renewed energy and focus on healthy living. For all of you wanting to keep with WETJAN we have a few wellbeing suggestions to add to your lists.

#Workout – Christmas is far behind us and the days are getting longer! Workout culture is at its apex!

It’s incredibly important for our busy lifestyles to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Exercise has been proven to have a positive impact on both our mental and physical health. With an abundance of new studios, classes and work out routines launching every week now is the ideal moment to join and prioritise your wellbeing! Head over to your closest fitness studio or gym and sign up! Thank us later darlings.

#Goodiet – If the New Year has you contemplating about wellness, consider your diet as a good starting point. We are all aware of the link between healthy eating and mood enhancement. We are also aware that the cold weather isn’t helping and is only adding to our junk food cravings. Comfort food might be our go to at the moment; but remember that a good detox is key for cleansing and rebooting your gut and supporting your immune system and whist you’re at it how about adding bananas to your morning smoothie or daily snack. Bananas lovelies are a great source of serotonin that helps boost are happiness and keeps us calmer for longer.

#Skincare – We talked about detoxing and cleansing your gut above. Is skincare detox one your resolutions list? Maybe now’s the time to show your skin some love darlings! The festive season has worn our complexion and its effects might have begun to show. #WETJAN is the month to give our skin the extra care it craves. Go for products that are natural, have few and simple ingredients that can cleanse and add moisture to your skin. Whilst we’re on the subject; chapped, sore lips are a symptom of #DRYJAN so why not use a bit of our award winning nipple balm to rejuvenate your skin! That way darlings you get to tick off one of your resolutions from your list!