Aug 2016

An interview with... Venetia Archer

Dr.Lipp loves the fact you are a female tech entrepreneur – what sparked the thought of creating RUUBY?

I have always thought about products that don’t exist, and that I think should. When I launched Ruuby in early 2015, nothing existed like it. I always had trouble trying to figure out availabilities of beauty appointments. It involved a lot of calls, which was not ideal when sitting in the office. After nothing materialised, I decided to launch something myself.

We love how passionate you are about the world of tech – what advice would you give someone who wants to create an app of their own?

The tech space is so exciting, and it is constantly evolving – in terms of first steps, I would recommend speaking with as many people as you know in the industry. My background was not at all technical, and so I needed to be sure that the (expensive) decisions I was making were the right ones. This required an experienced sounding board of advisors, which takes time to build (and lots of conversations).

"I use Dr. Lipp all day every day! I have it in my bag and make sure to put it on before I go out."

What’s your favourite treatment available on the App?

I love a facial, always. Especially a crazy one with lots of scary machines – I feel like they are working! My favourite is the Ionzyme facial, which I have done at home by the wonderful Carolina.

Do you think being Australian influences your beauty routine? Are there any Aussie habits you have picked up and bought to your friends in the UK?

Yes! I am a real fan of anything that makes you look super healthy – facials, tans, long, well-groomed hair. I am not one for the overdone look; I like subtle, understated beauty, and think this comes from good hair and good skin.

Aug 2016
Aug 2016

We love the hair braiding and innovative nail artists on the app! What are the most exciting new treatments on Ruuby?

Its all about the hair. I love a romantic braid. I think the boxy, harsh braids are very cool, but looser, more elegant looks work better.

Who do you crush on in the beauty world?

Terry de Gunzberg [founder of the beauty brand By Terry]. I am obsessed with all of her products, her aesthetic, her style… she’s a true innovator.


Download the RUUBY app in the App Store here.