Nov 2016

An interview with... The Squirrel Sisters

Dr.Lipp’s ethos is all about living the most natural life possible, do you live naturally in all aspects of your life?
We always try to buy and use natural products where possible.

What inspired you to live a natural life?
It makes us feel amazing! What you put in and on your body determines how you feel. The famous saying ‘you are what you eat’ is something we strongly believe in.

What benefits do you notice day to day because of living a free from lifestyle?
We find that we have more energy, we sleep better, we feel more productive and ready to take on anything!

Who would be your dream person to snack on your bars?
The list is endless! However one person that we would love to see munching our bars is Kate Middleton because she has style, class, is an incredibly strong woman and let’s face it… who doesn’t love a Royal #GirlBos

We use Dr.Lipp as a lip balm and for our cuticles - it's amazing!

We are in love with all your gorgeous flavours, but which combination is your favourite?
It really depends on our mood but we are both obsessed with our new flavour cacao orange at the moment- it’s like a guilt-free Jaffa cake 🙂

What inspired you to create the Squirrel Sister bars?
We believe that there doesn’t need to be a choice between health and fun…we want both in abundance! We strive to achieve a lifestyle where these can go hand in hand, so we get the best of both worlds; the perks of being healthy without compromising on fun… This is why we created our bars. The bars are our own recipe; Gracie used to make them for Sophie at home because she has a gluten intolerance and couldn’t find anything gluten-free that actually tasted good and was completely natural. Sophie moved to Singapore for work and Gracie was in London working as an actress so we decided to start a blog as a way to stay in touch and share our recipes, whilst living on opposite sides of the world. Our blog grew organically and (once Sophie had made the decision to move back to London) we decided to launch our raw energy bars that we had been making for a couple of years under our blog name ‘Squirrel Sisters’. We launched into Whole Foods and Planet Organic in November 2015 and since then have launched into many more stores throughout the UK and abroad.

Nov 2016

If you live in a city it can be pretty tough to live breathe and eat naturally. How far do you take this in your own lives? Do you have any tips for our readers?
We both live in London, which can at times feel really faced paced and intense. Some of the ways we switch off and breathe are to exercise, mediate (the headspace app is pretty good), go back to our parents house in Bath for the weekend and just take some time every evening for ourself (eg. have a bath, go to bed early with a book or netflix). Eating naturally is pretty easy for us… one piece of advice we would both give is to be prepared! If you’re not prepared you will most likely grab any old thing for lunch, which will probably be full of unnatural ingredients. Buy your food for the week, plan your meals and prep them the night before. Tupperware is amazing and means you can make your lunch the night before and take it with you on the go the next day! Preparation is key if you’re trying to eat well.

What are your favourite every day beauty products?
We are both loving the Origins GinZing Refreshing face scrub at the moment. We also LOVE Dr Lipp- both of us suffer from really dry lips and this little product has been a lip saviour.

Nov 2016

Dr.Lipp loves how you promote healthy eating whilst still making it delicious, but who are you both crushing on at the moment? (a social influencer, style icon etc).
We love The PanDolly Podcast girls- Style columnists Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton. We love their attitude, quick wit and approach on life!

Do you ever use Dr.Lipp anywhere else?
On our cuticles – it’s amazing!

Dr.Lipp loves a good snog! If you had to pick, what would be your favourite type of kiss?
We never kiss and tell 😉