Sep 2018

An interview with... The Mac Twins

You DJ, are co-founders of The Gut Stuff, and presenters…what don’t you do! Tell us a bit more about how you got to this point in your career and any career highlights.

Its happened kind of organically that both careers are running parallel to each other, we set up the Gut Stuff as kind of a passion project and its kind of exploded. So we’ve been pretty busy over the Summer with Love Island and all the Gut Stuff things too.

What gave you the inspiration to launch The Gut Stuff?

We were part of the first study to have our guts analysed at Kings College and become so passionate about it we started a Youtube series interviewing the scientists, we became frustrated that nobody knew about it and it really has snowballed from there.


We love that Dr.Lipp has so many uses and can fit easily into our pockets!

What’s your best piece of advice for someone looking to take the first step in a new business?

Find something with purpose, as its the fire in your belly that will get you through the hard times, running a start up with all its uncertainty is unbelievably difficult and you need the passion to pull you through.

What is so important about good gut health and leading a natural lifestyle?

It literally is life and death, our gut is linked to absolutely everything and is now be hailed as our “second brain” so we need to start listening and looking after it.

What’s your favourite way to keep a healthy lifestyle?

Lots of exercise and keeping active for endorphins – its the best feeling, feeling strong and empowered.

Sep 2018

What are your best tips for balancing work, a social life, family and working out?

Hmm we’re still to find the balance to be honest, we work 18 hour days and haven’t had a day off for 5 months. But one of the best things we do is schedule “sister time: where we’re not allowed to talk about work in order to preserve our relationship.

What steps do you take in your life to be more natural?

We order all our veg from the local farm and stay away from processed foods and after learning we absorb nearly 2L of what we put on our bodies we’ve really been researching into beauty products.

Sep 2018

What advice would you give to someone looking to take more steps to live a more natural life?

Read labels and look out for emulsifiers and preservatives!

What’s next for your careers as The Mac twins and individually?

We’ve just finished Love Island and are now on tour for the next few months and we’re also taking over Old Street station the week of 24th September for the Gut Stuff, lots of exciting stuff beyond that but trying to not look to far ahead and take each day as it comes.

What do you feel are the benefits of 100% natural products? …Like our Dr.Lipp of course…!

I think its just simply you know what your getting with no hidden ingredients.