Sep 2017

An interview with... The Collyer Twins: DJs, Fashion & Travel Bloggers

You DJ at venues around the world and for private events, like the one you recently did at Somerset House for Dior makeup. What inspired you to start blogging and DJ’ing?

JC: We’ve always been interested in fashion and travelling and wanted a platform to showcase thisWe grew up on stage doing musical theatre so music has always been a big part of our lives, Loanne’s boyfriend is a DJ so taught us the ropes a year ago which has massively helped us.

You work together but do you also enjoy spending your free time together or is that overkill?

We do spend literally all our time together, obviously we get on really well but it’s also nice to have some time apart. When we’re not working we make a conscious effort to catch up with separate friends and boyfriends!


We honestly believe it’s the best lip balm we've both ever owned. We would always use Vaseline but it wouldn’t do the job and our lips would continue to crack and dry.

Where would be your dream event or place to DJ at and why?

A bar called Singlefin in Bali, we went a few years ago and both fell in love with the place. It’s one of the best bars we’ve ever been to!  The atmosphere, views, vibe and setting are insane! DC10 in Ibiza is also another venue we love. The sound system is a joke and it’s renowned for its incredible DJs.

You both have a passion for travel. What’s a favourite place you’ve discovered?

We are such travel babies! We’ve been to so many incredible places, Bali is definitely up there along with the Maldives.

You grew up in the beautiful country of Portugal. What have you taken from the experience of living abroad?

So much, we grew up by the beach and had a completely different upbringing to what we had in Kent. Spending our weekends by the beach and surfing has made us want to be near the sea constantly.

It’s certainly given us itchy feet to continue exploring and travelling. We never feel fully settled anywhere.

What does the phrase “Go Natural” mean to you?

Go natural means being yourself, using products that enhance your natural self, using organic product free of additives.

Sep 2017
Sep 2017

Do either of you use natural beauty or skincare products? If so, why is this important to you?

Neither of us usually wear many beauty products. We prefer clean, natural looking skin. We moisturise a lot though and always make sure we have a great moisturiser and lip treatment. Being in hot countries a lot, our skin can dry out easily so it’s always important to have these products handy.

You’ve been using Dr.Lipp for years. Why do you love the product and how did you first discover it?

We honestly believe it’s the best lip balm we’ve both ever owned. We would always use Vaseline but it wouldn’t do the job and our lips would continue to crack and dry. We were sent a couple of samples of Dr. Lipp and neither of us have looked back since.

What was your initial reaction when you realized it was a nipple balm for lips?

JC: Haha I was a little confused. I kept saying to Loanne “you know it’s for your nipples.  I’m not sure you’re  supposed to put it on your lips!”

As identical twins, have your boyfriends ever mixed the two of you up?

Haha only from behind a couple of times!!!

 When was the last time you both swapped place?

Back in school we swapped math classes. All of the students knew apart from the teachers! We also played tricks on our uni friends who didn’t know either of us had a twin sister until we pretended to be each other!!

 Who are your celebrity style muses?

JC: Not so many celebrities as such but there’s an incredible influencer called Maja Wyh whose style is effortless and for Loanne she loves an influencer called Matildajderf she also has a very casual, beachy, effortless style.


Sep 2017
Sep 2017

How would you describe your individual fashion styles?

Chic, casual, classic

You’re both self-proclaimed foodies. What are your favourite spots to eat at in London?

JC: There are so many good eateries in London. Farmacy is one of my favourites as it supports a vegan/ vegetarian diet and we are both vegetarians.

LC: There are so many I’m yet to try!! But I do love Mildred’s in Soho.  It has so many yummy veggie options and it always has a great vibe!


What’s on your bucket list that might surprise people?

JC: Trek through the Himalayas

LC: Complete a marathon and climb Kilimanjaro – I love physical challenges and knowing my efforts are going to helping a charity I believe in, would be amazing!

What does the future have in store for the Collyer Twins?

A lot!!! Continue travelling with the blogging and DJ’ing and eventually have our own merchandise whether it’s a clothing or jewellery line.


Sep 2017