Dec 2017

An interview with... Super Nutritionist, Kamilla Schaffner

Darling, we’ve heard so much about your fabulous work! What inspired you to become a nutritionist? Other than a great figure and gorgeous skin of course!

I come from a family lineage of outstanding doctors going back to the Imperial era in Russia, so I guess the medical streak has always been in my DNA. I initially thought of training as a plastic surgeon, but after some detouring I went into Bio Medicine and Clinical Nutrition, which I am incredibly passionate about.

Kamilla, here at Dr.Lipp we are allllways striving to be our best selves! What’s the most common mistake your clients are making so we can avoid doing too!

I will never tire of saying it: portion control. It’s not just about eating a smaller version of the usual junk food. It is more about understanding what exactly is on your plate and in what proportions should you be eating it. Everyone is biochemically unique, but strangely enough clients assume we should all eat along the same guidelines!  ­

I use it in place of highlighter on my cheekbones to add a very natural dewiness to the area – it works beautifully on the beach.

What’s the absolute best thing about your job?

Seeing the incredible transformations, both emotional and physical, once nutritional therapy starts and continues to deliver results a client once thought was impossible. It is a mixed feeling of happiness, pride in their efforts and re-affirmation that nutrition is extremely important part health management.

We’re sure you love every day you work, we certainly do, but do you have a career highlight?

Every client is a highlight one way or the other. I write unique nutritional programmes for every client so whether it is 15kg weight loss that previously has been impossible or conception of a baby that was a struggle before – all of them mean equally a lot to me professionally.

Dec 2017

What would your plan B career be?

I guess I would go on to open a small art or antiques gallery. I am an art and antiques collector and have always been fascinated by history of art, the way small or large pieces make their way across the world sometimes to end up in someone’s library or office or drawing room. There is always a story, as well as always a great value – be it commercial, historical or sentimental. I find that very amusing and interesting at the same time.

What delicious food do you order when you eat out and what’s your favourite restaurant?

The Ivy is fantastic and very convenient – their garden salad which is a vegan salad with edible flowers is another level delicious yet so simple. Duck salad in Hakkasan is always a good and light option. La Fontaine de Mars in Paris for the most delicious coq au vin and home-made millefeuille. Mas Provencal in Monaco for their risotto aux Cepes. And my most favourite place: Chez Hortense in Cap Ferret for their world famous garlic muscles.

How important is great nutrition to beautiful skin?

Nutrition is everything for a beautiful skin. Skin is one of our largest organs and if something is not working nutritionally it will appear one way or another on the skin: rashes or itching, allergic reactions, indigestion or overconsumption of certain foods, dehydration. Food can either be very good for you and your skin or it can play havoc with it.

Spill your secrets! As well as eating right, what do you do to look after your skin?

I am a mask queen; I usually have at least 3 facial masks per week at home. I love how you can rejuvenate tired skin and pump nutrients and water into it in just 10-20 minutes. Once or twice a month, I also use overnight facial mask treatments that I wash off in the morning.  I also take salt baths at least a couple times per week. Either Epsom salt or Dead sea salt to draw out toxins, relax muscles and to prevent cellulite.

If everyone were to make one swap to our diets, what would it be?

I would say eat more fruit. At the moment we are living in a snack-happy world with so many different products available. The best snack the nature has intended is fruit! An apple, banana, pear, a handful of berries – include them more often and reap the benefits.

What does the term Go Natural mean to you?

Going natural to me means going for products that are 100% safe, natural and multi-functional where the whole family can use them. It’s going back to basic, good for you, natural products where you don’t need to worry about their ingredients and effects on the environment.

Who or what inspires you?

My mother is my biggest inspiration. She is a mother, a wife, a business owner, a philanthropist. She has managed to raise a family and get both very complex Law and Finance degrees whilst very young.  She runs her business employing hundreds of people whilst always having great food on the table, beautifully tidy home and time to listen to all sorts of stories from her children, friends, business associates, all with an ever cheerful expression on her face. That to me is as inspiring as it gets.

Some say The Girls at Dr.Lipp are sweet enough, but to be honest, we have a bit of a sweet tooth! Is sugar really as bad as everyone says?

I am afraid it is. Although white table sugar in isolated form cannot do much serious damage, it is a combination of sugar with fats that makes it a very bad mix for the body as glucose which is the simplest form of sugar molecularly speaking, gets to circulate in the body for much longer period of time when it is bound to fat. The worse scenario is when sugar circulating in the body is bound to commercial fats that have gone through a process of hydrogenation – commercial chocolates, biscuits, cakes etc. It really is better to have a small bowl of exotic fruits when the sugar pang hits!

What does an average day look like for you?

I am a mother of a very young kid, and as all mothers of young kids would agree no day is an average day. I always say my life happens between school drop offs and pick-ups. Mornings are always early and little marathon-like that set the pace for the rest of my day. Having a solid nutritional structure of 3 meals and potentially 2 snacks per day is one element that is never negotiable to me – you have to eat good functional food to have a good functional day.

Dec 2017

Gossip time! Who would be your dream client?

The young Royals Prince William and Prince Harry. It would be very interesting to work with them, especially do their meal analysis, something that is done for all of my clients, with all the incredible foods available to them at any given moment. Having said that, I did surprisingly bump into Prince Harry at a supermarket near Kensington Palace not so long ago. He was shopping alone which was surprising. Of course, being a nutritionist I could not help but openly scan his shopping and all I can say it looked like he liked eating a lot of vegetables and that he was a firm fan of smoked bacon.

The rise of the wellness trend has also seen a rise in nutrition and wellbeing content online – what are your thoughts on this? 

I think it is a really good that public can access a plethora of information on nutrition. Demand fuels supply and it means people are becoming more aware of nutrition and its effect on health. Having said that, it is concerning to see information on nutrition being presented by people with absolutely no mandate to make any medical claims on food, suggesting introducing or removing foods from ones diet. When a foodie who has been cooking in her kitchen for 20 odd years tells you what you should be eating for breakfast is one thing, and when a registered clinically trained nutritionist with years of experience makes her suggestion on healthy breakfast – then it is a completely different ball game.

You can follow Kamilla on instagram @kamillaschaffner, and check out her website here