Jun 2016

An interview with... Pooja Sharma-Jones

Pout or smile?
Smile,  flashing my pearly whites all the way.

Who was the last person you kissed?
My lovely man beast of course – my hubby, oh and the cat, she gets more kisses than him.

Who last kissed you?
A few people actually, I was at wedding recently and lots of cheek kissing was going on.

What makes you want to kiss someone?
Good teeth and fresh breath, a nice aftershave can be a draw

A pecker or a snogger?
Both depending on mood and who I’m with. I only snog the man beast though!

“ I’m crushing on Dr.Lipp, obviously,” says Pooja

Which would be your glossy bits?
Lips and my thick dark hair.

What makes you lick your lips?
A vindaloo or the thought of eating one.

How do you feel about the Dr. having a crush on you?
Chuffed, I’m crushing back obviously.

Who do you have a crush on?
Vincent Cassel is a rather nice looking silver fox.

Which other natural beauty products do you love?
Neal’s Yard products are nice.

What makes you glow?
Dr Lancer face scrub gives a great super clean glow.

Jun 2016
Jun 2016

What’s makes your heart flutter?
Baby animals.

Have you ever thought what would make us all love each other?
We aren’t built that way – wouldn’t it be boring if we did all love each other?

What made you so empathetic?
Age. Growing older teaches you to have compassion and see things from other people’s points of view.

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