Feb 2020

An interview with... Pamela Laird

We absolutely loooved watching you on the latest season of The Apprentice! What made you want to apply to the show?

Thank you!  I absolutely loved being part of it.  It was really simple for me, I needed an investor and found it tricky to find investors in Ireland interested in scaling a beauty brand.  My friend watched the show and sent me a message saying I should apply to I took the plunge!

As a fellow female owned beauty business…we love and support your message! Tell us a bit more how Moxi Loves was started?

I pretty much grew up surrounded by beauty- my mum has owned a beauty salon since before I was born and I loved to go there after school!  I think I was destined to go a similar route as she was such an inspiration to me and still is! Moxi Loves was started when I saw a gap in the market for convenient skincare solutions.  Mum had me cleansing toning and moisturizing from a young age but I always liked to cut corners!  My skin did not like these corners and I thought why do quick handy products mean you have to compromise on good quality skincare.  So I set out to change that and create products that solved problems and saved time!

I absolutely love the multi-use of the award winning balm, super handy for travelling.  Cruelty free too is brilliant!  I love a product I can use for multiple areas, I also have an addiction to lip balm!

How did your career lead to creating Moxi Loves?

When I left school at 18 I opened a nail bar within House Of Fraser and ran that for 4 years, I would say 2 years in I knew I did not want to continue in the service industry and needed a bigger challenge creatively.  It had to be beauty and I knew I had such a passion for products which led to creating Moxi Loves.  The first product Eye Catcher came about while I was working as a manicurist on set of magazine covers and editorials.  I spotted that even professionals need correcting tools and how I could improve the traditional methods used.  This is at the forefront of what Moxi Loves does as a brand, making products easier to use!

Feb 2020

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

We had a huge set back when the EU banned single use plastics in cotton buds as our first product was a liquid filled cotton bud.  Knowing our best-seller overnight would have to be discontinued was crushing.  I brought forward new products we had planned and made the tough decision to step away from our original product, which almost felt like starting again!  I was able to apply a new USP to our products- sustainability.  Barefaced was the first new product we launched which is an alternative to facewipes.  Barefaced biodegrades in 6 months vs a wet wipe which can take 100 years!  Just this week we launched the Dry shampoo Sheet- an eco-friendly version of dry shampoo.  Each sheet is coated with rice powder to absorb excess oil!  Aerosol free and biodgerable.

Do you have any tips for  anyone embarking on a new career journey? What first steps do you recommend?

I think the best advice is to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway!’ Fear can definitely hold you back in business.  The first steps are always research and understand your customer and the market.  Who is buying this and why?  If you can answer those questions then you are on the right track.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be patient!  I think I was so quick to do everything at once!

What is an average day like for you?

It’s always so different, I could be travelling to the UK or Germany for meetings.   I also could be packing orders at the Warehouse.  The most fun days are when new samples arrive and I can stat testing them.  I really love the creative side to my job and that’s for sure what keeps me loving it.

Do you have any tips for balancing such a busy schedule?

I think as an entrepreneur you are always “on” Dealing with China too means you have emails at irregular hours and not always 9-5 working days.  I find that taking a week or 2 off and going abroad is the only way to really relax.  If I am here I just never stop working.  The balance isn’t great right now but I am at the growth stage and I love it so I don’t mind.

What do you do in your down time? 

I do have very little but I love to watch movies and try get to the cinema whenever I can!  I also find online shopping very therapeutic and relaxing- dangerous hobby though lol!

Which beauty products can you not live without?

I  cannot live without my Barefaced pads- I am the laziest when it comes to skincare so anything that saves me time is a win.  I use barefaced in bed with a bottle of water so I have no excuses going to bed with makeup on!  I also always have lip balms in my bag, maybe too many but I can never be without just incase.

Feb 2020

Can you tell us your best beauty tips?

I have the oiliest hair so I find using my Dry Shampoo Sheets straight after washing is so key to keeping my oily roots at bay!  Also I find it adds more volume! I also use Glycolic acid everyday to gently exfoliate and keep my skin bright- I use it after cleansing at nighttime.

What is next for you and Moxi Loves?

We are launching into Boots UK in 2020 and hopefully I can continue to expand in the UK.  I am actively looking for a business partner so with this in mind I will grow the Moxi Loves team and product range.