We chat to the founders behind Myrror – the revolutionary beauty track app about all things beauty, selfcare, and life during covid time!

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Mar 2021

We looooove the concept of Myrror!! Such an amazing idea to track treatments. Can you tell us how it all began?

Myrror came from feeling that there was a lack of control for the user when going down the aesthetics route.  Unlike your medical health or dentistry there isn’t always documentation and tracking of procedures for your beauty journeys. We want to ensure that people always feel in control of what they’re doing and have the photos, facts and comments to help them to make informed decisions and choices. We do not incorporate filters into our app as feel that can drive unrealistic expectations in what you are trying to achieve, which can be very damaging.  This is all you, unfiltered and personal.

What has been one of your best career highlights so far? 

For both of us it absolutely has to be launching Myrror during a global pandemic. We did it whilst being out of work, struggling to maintain our sanity with 2 pre schoolers each, and we did it by ourselves.  We’re so proud of what we have achieved with the limitations and constraints that we had.  We have brought our idea to life and we’re so pleased that we had the confidence to go for it.

What has been your biggest challenge in your career so far?

STACY – Besides launching the business, mine has always been imposter syndrome and confidence in my own abilities. I still wonder if we hadn’t been in the situation we were when we decided to launch Myrror, (stuck at home, no work and no immediate alternative) would I have had the confidence to do it as quickly and confidently as we did.  Self belief is something I believe impacts a lot of female founders, more so than men.  I’m no expert on the foundations of all this but for me juggling a career and family has always been tough and I’m very self critical.  Imposter syndrome is still very much a part of who I am, but launching Myrror has gone a long way to instilling the confidence in myself to see how far we can take this.

JENNIFER – I originally qualified and worked as a vet but had to leave that career due to prolonged ill health. It was heartbreaking to be in a position where the career I had spent years studying for was taken from me. It felt like my identity was gone, and I definitely felt a bit lost. It affected my confidence massively as I felt like I only knew how to be a vet, what else could I do?! Of course it turns out a lot of my skills are transferrable but I still struggle with confidence and imposter syndrome. I think we work well together as although we both lack confidence in ourselves we know the others skills and qualities and make sure to big each other up to give us the confidence to keep pushing forward.

Dr.Lipp products are multifunctional! This is fantastic. We’re both too lazy, tired & stressed to have multiple lotions and potions to choose from. With Dr Lipp the products can be used for a variety of things. We love this consistency. Plus you have the knowledge that the ingredients are natural and simple.

What advice would you give to your younger selves?

STACY – Trust your own judgement and don’t be afraid to try.  There is nothing more frustrating than saying ‘what if’.

JENNIFER –The most successful people are often the ones that have taken a risk and gone for it, be brave and just go for it. You’ll regret not trying. (my mum actually said this to me a while ago and I really needed to hear it!)

What is an average day like for the both of you?

STACY – well … during a global pandemic and lockdown it involves stopping 2 young children from destroying themselves, my house and my sanity most of the day.  This is usually between the hours of 0530 – 1900, then as soon as they’re in bed I can get some work done.  Out with lockdown my day job is actually working in Innovation in the NHS so I’m there Monday to Friday and Jennifer and I run Myrror on evenings and weekends.  We have set it up to all be online, flexible and suited around our personal commitments.

JENNIFER – During the lockdown my days are a bit like groundhog day. I’m lucky enough to live rurally so each morning I head out to the woods and fields to try to tire my boys out enough so I can try get some work done during nap time. It’s great that we’re in a position to be able to run the business flexibly and online but I do miss sitting down together to properly chat through business, over the phone isn’t quite the same. We haven’t seen each other for months now, which is hard as business partners but we are also friends so I’m missing the social side of our work meetings as well. It will be amazing when we are finally able to sit down together and have some structure to our day.

What do you do in your down time? 

STACY – I always try and make time to go for a run, even if it’s just a couple of km.  I feel so much better afterwards and feel it justifies my evening glass of wine! My husband and I are football fans and try and make time to get over to Milan each year to watch a game at the San Siro and sample the amazing food and wine

JENNIFER – I try to get out for a cycle or walk as often as I can, I really need some time outside on my own in the fresh air to relax. I also do yoga, the studio I go to is running online classes so I try to do that as often as possible, although its not so relaxing when I can still hear the boys charging around the house.

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Mar 2021
Myrror app
Mar 2021

Which beauty products can you not live without?

STACY –Semi permanent lashes – I feel I can get away with not wearing make up if I have lashes on so find them so convenient for a busy lifestyle

JENNIFER – I’m trying to start taking better care of my skin, I’ve been pretty lazy with it my whole life and have got away with it so far but thought I’d better start before it’s too late! I’ve just started using The Bodyshop Camomile cleansing butter. My skin feels super clean, soft and glowy after using it and I can actually see a difference in my skin, I’ve been tracking any changes on my Myrror app!

Can you tell us your best beauty tips?

Be in control! Be mindful of what you are doing to your body, track it, and make personal, fact based choices that take into account your own skin, hair, body etc so that you treat yourself to the products and procedures that work for you as an individual

What is next for you both professionally and personally?

STACY – Personally I want to get a better balance between work, family and personal time.  I feel like I am always dropping something so want to find a balance that works for me … I have no clue how to do this so please snd me some suggestions!!  Professionally – I would love to do some collaborations with big brands and salons.  Get professionals and experts to use Myrror to show the world how effective their product and services are – no fancy lighting, no filters, just real results. Call us!!

JENNIFER – For me personally it is about getting the right balance as well, its amazing to be able to run our own business and we feel so lucky but at the moment it does mean we work very random hours to fit it in amongst everything else in our lives, I find this blurs the boundaries between work/family/personal time and it’s hard to fully switch off to relax.

Professionally, luckily we both have the same goals and aims, we are so passionate about making this work and it’s amazing to have this common goal with my friend and business partner!

Do you think ‘clean beauty’ is important in 2021?

This is so important! We completely align to being transparent and real – it’s why we will not introduce image altering filters to our app. Part of the responsibility of selling a product is ensuring your consumers understand it, and what it means for them, so they can make educated decisions.

If you could encourage others to make one lifestyle change today, what would it be?

Drop the filters and track the real you. That way, whatever beauty journey you are going through, you are doing so responsibly, effectively and aligned to your own personal unique body – which is a pretty awesome thing. #nofilternofear

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Mar 2021