Jan 2020

An interview with... Millie Gooch

We absolutely looove Sober Girl Society and its empowering message! Can you please tell us how you got started?

Why thank you! I started SGS when I was 7 months sober. I’ve always loved pages like @gurstalk and @antidietriotclub and after realising there was a bit of a gap in the market when it came to young British women talking about binning the booze, I decided I wanted to be the person to create it.What was the inspiration for SGS? (sorry of answered above) Kind of above but really it was actually a lack of inspiration that made me start it. I was looking for something to support me with my sobriety and it wasn’t there, so I made it – resourceful, lol!

How did your career lead to creating SGS?

My background is in journalism so it’s helped me write some super lengthy captions and really critique my work before firing it off into the world. I’m used to having 3 or 4 people look over my work so I’m still really cautious and I think that’s really helped because you have to acknowledge and be considerate of the fact that people are giving up alcohol for SO many different reasons. You can’t just dish out advice and hope for the best.

Dr.Lipp isn't aren’t drying! There’s something about most lip colours that make my quite thin lips look even thinner but these keep them plump and actually give me some sort of a pout!

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Learning to switch off. SGS has a worldwide following so my phone never really stops. It can be quite hard to actually step away from something, especially when you love it so much. That’s been my biggest learning curve of 2019.

The New Year tends to be the time for resolutions. Do you have any tips for  anyone embarking on a sober journey?

What first steps do you recommend? Start before the New Year! There’s nothing like breaking a lifetime habit of starting ‘after’ things to help kick-start breaking some other habits as well. There’s never a good time to start – there will always be a Christmas or an NYE or a birthday or a wedding or a date or a promotion or a holiday. Just start while you’re in the headspace to. That goes for everything – not just drinking.

Jan 2020

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Stop worrying about what people think about you and put the f**cking tequila down, go home – you’ve had enough

What is an average day like for you?

Every day is literally so different but a lot of the time it’s planning content, organising our events, having meetings and calls with brands or other communities or universities, speaking on panels and of course, answering interviews for fab 100% natural beauty brands

Do you have any tips for balancing such a busy schedule?

’m definitely not perfect at this, I’m filling this out at 11.03pm so that should be a good indication that I’m not the best person to give advice. I always think you have to be honest about how very hard you have to work if you really believe in what you’re doing. I have got much better though – if I’m around my loved ones I will often leave my phone in another room and I had a 2 week digital detox when I went to Bali in October (so millennial but so necessary). I also have a paper diary – I just spend so much time buried in screens it actually feels quite nice to write important things down, it helps me have a bit more sense of organisation and finality with Once it’s in pen – it’s not moving!

What do you do in your down time?

I love being active but I despise the gym. For me it’s yoga, surfing or shopping (that’s a sport right?

Which beauty products can you not live without?

Tarte Shape Tape and IT Cosmetics CC Cream, as a duo, they literally changed my life. A lot of people think my clear skin is thanks to sobriety but really it’s part sobriety part make-up magical-ness.

Jan 2020

Can you tell us your best beauty tips? No matter how drunk you are, always try and take your make-up off. I’m sure the dark circles under my eyes are from years of falling asleep with mascara on after a night out – it’s like it’s permanently stained them.

What do you feel are the benefits of 100% natural products? Do you use any in your makeup routine?

No nasties – when you read the back of some bottles these days, it’s actually a little terrifying.

What is next for you?

Hosting more events across the country, we’ve been London-based for a while but we just hosted our first event in Manchester and can’t wait to do more further and wider. I also have some other secret projects happening but my lips are sealed for now 😉