Apr 2017

An interview with... Marissa Hermer, ‘Ladies of London’ Star & PR Guru

First of all, congratulations on your book and your move! During what must have been an enormous few months on your end, how have you managed to maintain a sense of balance?

I’m not sure there is any balance. Balance makes it seem like everyone and everything gets what they need or gets the same time. I feel like I run a triage unit – basically whoever is bleeding the most (metaphorically speaking – though of course with three young munchkins, this isn’t always the case!) gets the attention. I’m just winging it, actually. I’m so lucky to be a working mother – to be able to have the joy and gift of children and also satisfy my own entrepreneurial endeavours, but most of the time I’m just hanging on for dear life!

Relocating with your family back to California, what aspects of your own childhood are you most excited to share with your children?

Sunday afternoon BBQs with neighbours and friends is how I grew up – and we’ve started the same tradition here. It is kiddie chaos at the Hermer home, but we are loving getting all our friends and their families over for a dive in the pool, and a burger (and gallons of rosé!).

I’ve been using Nipple Balm for my lips since the birth of our eldest son, Max, 5.5 years ago – it is the best balm!

Do you find the way you relax and unwind differs between London and California?

California life is all outdoors – so we are always dunking in the pool, or on a hike, or running around on the beach. London unwinding tends to be with a cocktail in hand by the fire – obviously equally satisfying, but just different.

Having spent so many years as an “American Girl In London”, are there any aspects of British life that you still can’t help but find bizarre?

Ha! There are so many crazy things about Britain, starting with writing the date – it is backwards for us Americans, though of course moving back to the states now, I’m trying to reacclimatize to the American way of writing. And what is with prawn-flavoured things – YELCH!

Whether filming for Ladies of London, in interviews or on your own social media, you always seem so natural and content within yourself. Have you always been naturally self-assured, or is it a case of ‘fake it til you make it’?

I’ve always been pretty comfortable. I didn’t know I was so comfortable in front of a camera until it happened, and then I was like “Hey actually, this isn’t so bad, and it is actually fun!”

Apr 2017
Apr 2017

Are there any lessons from your professional background in PR that you’ve found useful to apply in everyday life? 

Your reputation follows you forever – be kind.

What does “Go Natural” mean to you? 

Healthy living. Walking, exercising, eating well, getting (some) sleep!

We think it’s fabulous that you’ve released a cookbook, especially as cooking is something that has such a power to bring people together. What is your absolute favourite recipe in the book?

Oh goodness, I love all of them! I love my Spiced Nut Mix, because that means that I’m about to have friends & family over for a party – which ALWAYS puts me in a good mood!

Aside from cooking, what are your favourite ways to bring the people you love together?

Rosé! I love an excuse to sit out in the sunshine with friends and drink afternoon rosé while the kiddies run around in the garden.

You’re known for throwing fabulous parties, and always being up for a great time on a night out. What has been your most surreal moment at a party or event?

Oh goodness, I can’t think of one. Anytime anywhere in the world where there is a mix of dear friends and family – that is pretty great.

Every successful party requires a serious debrief afterwards. Where is your top spot in London for a morning-after brunch?

Bumpkin, of course!

Apr 2017
Apr 2017

You seem to radiate happiness, and your laugh is absolutely infectious! What is your number one tip for leading a happier life?

Realizing how lucky we all are – sure we have ups and downs, but at the end of the day, things are pretty good.

Speaking of infectious laughter, what was your response to being presented with a ‘Nipple Balm for Lips’?

HA! I’ve been using Nipple Balm for my lips since the birth of our eldest son, Max, 5.5 years ago – it is the best balm!

So it sounds like you & Dr.Lipp are a match made in heaven!

I love it, of course – and much prettier packaging than my hospital tube!

Putting together a book is only the most recent in your hugely diverse list of professional endeavours. Looking to the future, what would be your absolute dream project for 2017?

I’ve just launched a jewellery collection with Van Peterson, and some other exciting projects on the horizon xxx

Marissa’s cookbook ‘An American Girl In London’ is out on April 4th! Find links to retailers & more info here, and follow her on instagram to keep up to date!

Apr 2017