Feb 2016

An interview with... Louise Dartford

Dr. Lipp has a real crush on Louise. As a makeup artist, she has always been interested in natural and organic products, but she is now trying to convert her kit into a cleaner, greener version. We looove that idea!

Why did you leave Six magazine to become a makeup artist?

I was always a makeup artist. I started contributing and then they asked me to be beauty editor, but really I was a makeup artist first.

I still love beauty editing and writing and would like to do more of that in between my make-up sessions as it adds diversity and I feel I have a lot to say on the topic.

Dr. Lipp is a great little multi-tasker - use it on lips, dry patches and cuticles, tame eyebrows, create glossy cheekbones and glossy eye looks. I'm sure many more uses will show themselves too!

Why did you decide to go natural and organic?

I have always been interested in health, and once you know there’s an alternative to synthetics there’s no going back. There is so much information nowadays on all the issues with synthetics, and it all adds up, even if you can’t point your finger at one ingredient.

For example, did you know the average woman ingests 7lbs of lead in her life from lipsticks?? That’s a lot of lead. Besides, there have been such great improvements in the natural and organic skincare formulations. Every little bit helps so why wouldn’t you? It seems silly not to take the care when you can.

What percentage of your kit is now absolutely green?
Well it depends what I am doing. When I did Birdie (nominated for British Female Solo Artist at the 2014 Brit Awards) for a red carpet event recently only 50% of my kit was natural or organic. But that was because I needed her make-up to stay on for the whole evening and organic colours still have a little catching up to do on that front. But when I did the shoot for Volt Café (by Volt magazine) 100% of my kit was natural or organic! So it really depends.

Feb 2016
Feb 2016

What are some of your favourite natural or organic products?

Well the easiest to switch is skin care, there are so many fabulous brands now. Some of my favourite are Pai, Melvita, Organic Pharmacy oils, Ren and Aurelia.

It’s harder for colour, and I still use  synthetics for 12hr eyeliner but my favourite brand for lip colour is Ilia. They have managed to make fashion colours such as bright pinks and bright reds, which I think is really great as most organic lipsticks are quite dull in colour.

W311 People is a mineral based brand, and they make creamy powders that are long lasting and not drying. And I use either Green People or Illa for mascara. They’re both great!

What is your next mission?
I’ve decided I am now ready to write more, but it will always be a combination of make-up and beauty writing.

Do you remember your first kiss?
Yes, I was 13 years old and part of a youth club; it happened in a church walking down the alley!