Sep 2016

An interview with... Lauren Groves

Dr. Lipp has the biggest crush on the way you style things, but what designer do you have a crush on the most?

Alessandro Michelle at Gucci has completely blown me away! I’m a huge fan of the 70’s, vintage, over-the-top jewellery and customisation and he manages to combine all of these things to create something SOOOO visually mesmerizing.

Who would be your dream VIP to dress?

Sky Ferreira.

What made you want to be a stylist?

I honestly don’t know what made me initially want to be a stylist, I guess I have always been obsessed with clothes, fabrics and colour.  When I was younger, me and my friends used to go shopping and they always used to ask me what to wear and I’d pick things out for them.  I was always drawn to clothing that was different to what everyone else wore, and encouraged them to go for it, which gave me a sense of satisfaction if they’d buy the pieces!  After that it was a natural progression into what I do today.

I use Dr. Lipp overnight on the lips.

Top styling trick on a budget?

I’m always searching for unusual pieces that I can use over and over again when styling that become part of my forever expanding kit! Charity shops and eBay are really good for finding weird and wonderful things.

What item of clothing are you most lusting after at the moment?

I really want the Vetements over the knee boots that have a lighter as a heel! I really need them in my life.

What is your favourite shoot you’ve styled?

I love the ‘Babes with the Power’ shoot I did with photographer Megan K Eagles which is an analogue photo & film series exploring the world of female sexuality through a 1970’s B-Movie aesthetic!

How do you use your Dr.Lipp?

Overnight on the lips.

What is your kiss of choice?

I love a passionate snog 😉

Sep 2016