Dec 2015

An interview with... Kezia Noble

Research shows that almost half of us have or have had a crush on someone in our office and almost one in five say they would make a move on someone at the Christmas party, while one in seven have done so…

Almost half of us have kissed someone or met a partner at the Christmas party, with nearly one in five saying they are still together

42% have had a passionate kiss under the mistletoe

According to research conducted by Dr. Lipp in the UK last month, almost half of the 2,000 respondents said they had either kissed or met a partner at a Christmas party. Therefore we concluded that Christmas is a great time to set about meeting a future love.

To get more advice and info on this phenomenon, we set up Alex Brindley from Manx Radio to interview Kezia Noble, the renowned dating coach, to find out why this might be…

According to Kezia, people at work may have what she calls ‘Office Goggles’ : due to lack of other available targets to focus attention on, a crush can develop out of boredom at the office. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the feelings you experience are to be ignored.

She explains that the Christmas party is a great opportunity to make your move. A lot of people don’t want to approach New Year’s Eve without someone to kiss at midnight, and both men and women want somebody in their lives – especially with grey January just round the corner. Both men and women are much more open to the idea of getting involved with somebody at that time of the year to cosy up with them and watch Game of Thrones throughout the winter months.

I love the natural look and so do most men.

But how do you seal the deal??

Kezia recommends not to get blind drunk at the party; drink to be merry, not more than that. She says that when you are drunk, too often the temptation is to pour your heart out to your crush, yet nobody wants to be cornered and drunkenly bleated at in front of everybody. The other possibility is that you simply make a fool of yourself.

She does, however, advise confidence and explains that confidence is very attractive. Here is one of her favourite phrases to pull out of your flirting sack:  ‘I think I know now what it is I like about you… ‘. This shows you have been thinking about the person, and indicates that the office love is real, without freaking them out. She concludes that confidence is sexy and makes men attractive to women. Coming over to a woman, clearly a few sheets to the wind, with mistletoe in hand or a silly Santa hat are all examples of mistakes which make a man look weak to women – and that’s a turn off.

Kezia therefore advises men: ‘If you want to nail your crush, be honest, chatty, give her good banter and a good laugh.’ She says women like a challenge as they like to see if they can tame the player in a man; they like to dig around for a man’s more sensitive side without it being offered on a plate.

And finally, here’s a little tip for women from Kezia:

‘Red lipstick looks nice, but can smear all over his face and hers if they kiss, so everybody knows! [laughs] Which can make it lose its magic. Besides, men often like the natural look…’

Just a touch of Dr. Lipp & you’re on your way to having the perfect kissable pout!

Dec 2015