Apr 2015

An interview with... Katy Mason

Why have you chosen Dr. Lipp for the BA In-flight Magazine?
It’s the perfect all-round makeup product to have in your bag. It has so many uses. There are so many uses for this product. It’s also the perfect size for travelling which makes it perfect for airlines. It will help with all types of dry, stubborn skin, so no matter where you are travelling to, hot or cold, our customers will find it useful.

How many new products do you choose per year?
Well there are about 200 – 240 new products in all brochures every year. So that’s quite a lot. 40 – 50 of those are cosmetics so it’s actually quite a tight selection when you think of all the products out there. We are hoping Dr. Lipp will become a classic though as it’s so versatile. We’ll see how sales go.

Why Dr. Lipp on ALL routes?
Because Dr. Lipp is such a great all round product with mass appeal. We call it a ‘trolley opener’!

Are you making any changes to the category selection?
We are trying to challenge the normal in-flight products and find something you wouldn’t expect to find in the brochure – something different and quirky that will catch people’s attention and create a brochure with a point of difference. British Airways customers are very brand aware and forward thinking so we want to offer them something to match their tastes.

Its the perfect all round make-up product to have in your bag. Soo many uses. Perfect for travelling! I love Dr.Lipp!