Jul 2018

An interview with... Juliette Mallet

We absolutely love your super sassy and cheeky brand, Coucou Suzette, tell us about how you came up with the name?

I wanted a French, feminine and fun name (it means “Hi Suzette!” in French). Plus Suzette was my adorable cat’s name.

What gave you the inspiration to launch your own business?

I didn’t really plan it in the beginning to be honest. I started making some pieces of jewelery for my friends and for me that I couldn’t find in the stores. Then I posted a picture of a boobie ceramic ring I made for a friend and soooo many people asked me to sell it…so I just did!  It is now so exciting and motivational to make my quirky ideas come true!

What do you think your career path would be if it were not for Coucou Suzette?

Coucou Suzette is so me that I couldn’t imagine making something else now.

I especially like the fact that Dr.Lipp is not tested on animals which definitely should be a priority for everyone in 2018! I also love that each of the ingredients are natural and healthy!

How much are you involved in the design process?

Very much. I always have a little notebook with me and I keep doodling ideas inside. Then I work on it until I’m happy with the result and forward it to my manufacturers which I’m really close to. I send them very precise outlines with colours, materials, size… We work together on the item until the result looks exactly like I imagined it. It can be very long sometimes! Finally I test it to check the quality.

You ventured out and created your business from scratch…what’s your best piece of advice for someone looking to take the first step in a new business?

Don’t think too much about it, just do it!

What’s your favourite way to keep a healthy lifestyle?

First of all I walk as much as I can everyday. Then of course I try to eat a lot of vegetables and drink a lot of water. I use only natural cruelty free cosmetics, shampoos, soaps and creams. Also I turn off my phone, TV and computers pretty early every evening so my eyes and brain would understand the light is gone and it is time to go to sleep!

Jul 2018
Jul 2018

You’re a super busy entrepreneur…what are your best tips for balancing work, a social life, family and working out?

I would say a maximum of organization and especially no guilt. When I do something I try to do it for real and not letting my mind go back somewhere else (work…). For instance when I’m seeing a friend I don’t check my phone (well almost not), I try to focus on being together, nothing else. Same thing when I’m working, I’m very focused.

What steps do you take in your life to be more natural?

I know what I’m eating and where it is coming from. Same for the cosmetics products I use everyday. Also I wear just a little bit of make up so my skin can breathe (no foundation). Plus I practically never take medicine (only when I’m very sick), I don’t feel comfortable with, since I don’t always understand the composition. I’m feeling so much healthier since I quit medications!

What does the term Go Natural mean to you?

Return to the essentials, respect yourself and Nature.

What advice would you give to someone looking to take more steps to live a natural life?

Listen to your body when your mind is blurred. It speaks for itself.

What do you feel are the benefits of 100% natural products like Dr.Lipp?

You can be sure you re not putting some chemical stuff on your face which can have effects you re not even aware of!

What’s next for the business?

I’m actually hiring some more people to help me out (photographer…) and I’m working on some very exciting collaborations with exciting brands as well as some new items such as clothes and jewellery that we’ll launch in a couple of months…

And I’m recording my very first podcast this week!

Lead image by Guillaume le Chat