Jul 2016

An interview with... Julia Rebaudo

How do you keep such a fresh face?

Never getting enough sleep 😉 Just joking. Actually the amazing Rosehip Oil by Pai works wonders for radiance and clarity.

Do you think it’s important to buy natural beauty products?
Yes, absolutely. I’ve long been a fan – my mum’s been into natural products for quite a while now – and there are so many more good ones out there to try out these days.

What are your best tips for maintaining a natural lifestyle, especially as a mother?
Keep it all in moderation – the sweets things and the refined foods – but don’t sweat it too much! Just get those vegetables in!

Who was your first crush?
Ah, that would have been Johnny Depp in the days of 21 Jump Street!

Always smile when I grab Dr.Lipp from my handbag when rushing out the door.

Where is the dreamiest destination your blogging has taken you to?
Ah, this would have to be the Maldives where I was last week – absolute paradise!

What do you think of Dr Lipp?
Lovely brand, always smile when I grab it from my desk for my handbag when rushing out the door!

Pout or smile?
Always a smile!

Who was the last person you kissed?
My dear husband with his stubbly beard.

Who last kissed you?
My four-year-old Gus.

Jul 2016
Jul 2016

What makes you want to kiss someone?

Are you a pecker or a snogger?
Love a snog…

What makes you glow?

Favourite type of kiss?
An ‘I love you’ kiss.

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