Jul 2017

An interview with... Jo Wood, Natural Lifestyle Advocate & Entrepreneur

From Keith Richards to Kate Moss, you certainly have a talent for convincing others to go natural. What’s your secret?
There is no secret its just me nagging about the importance of maintaining a happy healthy life.

Your current organic philosophy couldn’t be further from the wild side you embraced in the 70s and 80s. Had you not been misdiagnosed with Crohn’s disease, do you think you would still have found yourself gravitating towards a natural lifestyle eventually?

Yes I do, I think had I not changed to a healthy lifestyle eventually, I would be dead by now.

What was it like pioneering the natural movement at a time when it wasn’t anywhere near as popular or accepted as it is now?

Well I was on a one woman organic revolution at one point. The more I persevered the more people I met who believed in the same philosophy as me.

What excites you the most about running your own organic brand?

Working with Colette Haydon from Elixir on new products and seeing them come to life. The business side of the brand terrifies me.

Dr lipp is a great 100 percent natural alternative to 8 hour cream and I love it!

What is your personal favourite product in the range?

I absolutely love all my products but my oil is a great one as its so nourishing for your skin. My new salt scrub is coming out later in the year and its fantastic.

We love that Jo Wood Organics brings out a luxurious, modern side of the natural lifestyle movement. Do you find that people’s opinions towards the idea of going natural have shifted over time?

Back in 2006 when I first launched Jo Wood Organics, it was really hard to convince women to to put oil on their skin. Today its becoming more normal and so many women understand how good oil is for your skin. So yes, attitudes have changed.

Transitioning to an organic diet can often feel quite intimidating. As a vocal advocate of being conscious of what really goes into our bodies, which three items or ingredients would you recommend swapping for natural alternatives as a first step, and which three should we cut out entirely?

I would swop my fruit veg and meat. I would cut processed food, fast food and fizzy drinks out completely.

Jul 2017
Jul 2017

What has been the most rewarding part of transitioning to a natural lifestyle?

My health is getting better. Without good health you wont be happy.

To say your life thus far has been extraordinary would be an understatement. What has been the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

Watching my daughter Leah give birth to my grandson was totally amazing.

From your television appearances to your autobiography, you’re incredibly honest and frank. Has there ever been a time you wished you’d been less open?

In most of the interviews I did in the early days I was very open. I think that I’m  getting better with my interviews now as ive done so many.

Spending so many years in the public eye, have you ever struggled with maintaining your own identity?

No, I am who I am.

One of the biggest misconceptions about natural products is that they’re less effective than chemically altered ones. As a 100% natural product, how do you think Dr.Lipp measures up?

I think Dr lipp is a great 100 percent natural alternative to 8 hour cream and I love it.

Like so many other natural ingredients, lanolin is incredible versatile. Have your found any creative ways of using yours yet?

No, I’ve just been using it on my lips and its been really fantastic as my lips get really dry. I’m sure ill find some great other ways to use it.


Jul 2017
Jul 2017

It’s now widely accepted that what we put into our bodies can affect us not only physically, but mentally. What are your go-to mood boosting ingredients?

I don’t have any ingredients as such, if I eat crap food I feel terrible. if I eat clean organic fresh food I feel alive and happy.

It’s fantastic that we’re becoming more aware of what we put into our bodies, but it’s quite easy to forget about what we put onto them. Do you have any favourite natural skincare tips or tricks?

You have to remember that what you put on your skin goes straight into your blood stream just like it does with a nicotine or a HRT patch. A good organic oil that feeds your skin is great. I also love to salt scrub my skin.

Over the years you’ve displayed amazing strength and resilience. What is your best advice for pushing through difficult situations?

My best advice Is to take a break from alcohol as it is a depressant. Until you feel strong go on a detox. That’s what I did when thinks got really tough for me.

Who have you been inspired by recently?

Bridgette Macron. I think she is fabulous.


Jul 2017