Dec 2016

An interview with... Janey Lee Grace

What do you think is the biggest challenge in the natural beauty industry today?

I think it’s the hype, there has been a huge rise in spending on natural and organic products but of course anyone can use those words and their products can still include lots of synthetic ingredients, it’s tricky for the consumer to ensure that they really are natural.

It’s so refreshing to see you write about both health and beauty. When did you realise they were so intertwined.

I was interested in nutrition and mindset but didn’t really see the link with synthetic chemicals in skincare and beauty products until I became pregnant with my first child. Suddenly it made sense – the need to look at the holistic picture.

What inspired you to go from performing with George Michael and presenting on Radio 2 to becoming a Natural Health & Beauty Guru?

I got into radio while enjoying promoting my own single, it’s quite addictive!  The natural health expert came about because I was talking about my lifestyle, a publisher heard me and offered me a book deal.

I love multi-purpose products, I use a teeny amount of Dr.Lipp as a nail cream, I’m sure I will find other uses!

Speaking of your books, what inspired you to write ‘Imperfectly Natural Woman’, and what is the main message you hope people take away from your books in general?  

In all my books including ‘Look Great Naturally Without Ditching The Lipstick’ (my current Hay House book), I want people to realise exactly that; you can look and feel great naturally without sacrifice. I have hopefully fast tracked people to the best natural products that also tick the eco box without trying. When a publisher asked me to share my tips, it was a number one Amazon best seller 10 years ago, I was ahead of my time! 

We hear you’re also quite the traveller! Do you notice differences in how natural beauty is accepted in different countries?

Most of my travelling has been with bands, so I’m not the expert here. I do know that Australia are head of us in accepting great organic skincare, and New York is rocking it!

Dec 2016

Which natural beauty products do you think have taken over most successfully from their non-natural counterparts?

Classics like Weleda Skin food, the brilliant organic haircare products especially the scented hair oil from Tabitha James Kraan and the great silica based gels from Qsilica.

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘Go Natural’?
Unfortunately too many people this phrase conjures up the vision of someone bare-faced and with skanky hair, I aim to encourage people to hear the phrase and think…ah yes the best most effective skincare, beauty and hair products that don’t contain chemicals. I also want to add to the phrase: don’t always believe the hype…ensure that natural really does mean that.

So then, what does going natural mean to YOU? What do you look for in your products?
By natural I mean literally as close to nature as possible, so just as with food, no (or little) processing and only natural ingredients, preferably organic and sustainably sourced.  I tell people to look for what’s NOT in products rather than what is, depending on what the product is I look for raw ingredients, ie if it contains coconut oil it must be raw organic extra virgin, I opt for high quality essential oils for fragrance.

Dec 2016

We’re loving the life hacks for women on your website ‘Imperfectly Natural’. What top tips can you share to help us survive the inevitable Christmas party marathon this month?

Take some time out for yourself, go DIY and create a home spa, chill out!  You can indulge in a raw cacao body mask – all the indulgence without the guilt. Remember that the best Christmas pressies are often homemade, or a gift of your time.

Outside of December indulgence month, what advice would you give to people who want to live a more natural lifestyle in the big city, but are struggling to find the right balance?
Remember you don’t have to sacrifice looking great, you can actually simplify your beauty regime, go DIY too. After you have had your freshly squeezed juice you can use the pulp as rejuvenating face mask…just don’t open the door to the postie.

Dr.Lipp was delighted to have recently been Highly Commended at the Janey Loves Platinum Awards. Thank you! With fabulous judges like Jo Wood and Zoe Ball, how do you choose your panel?

I just approached women who I know are savvy and appreciate natural products. Zoe loved it as she was introduced to so many great new brands.

Since the world of natural beauty is always changing, what can we expect expect to see at next year’s awards?

I think there is a trend towards the use of superfoods in skincare. We had a category for handmade raw skincare but I suspect that might be bigger next year.

Dec 2016
Dec 2016

Do you remember the first time you ever used Dr.Lipp as something other than a lip balm?

I love multi purpose products; I use a teeny amount as a nail cream, I’m sure I will find other uses! 

Finally, if you could pick three people in the world to gift a tube of Dr.Lipp… who would they be and why?

1. Carrie Grant as a singer her lips need to be luscious lips.

2. My daughter, only 11 but I’m determined to keep her off the ‘hard stuff!’

3. Simon Cowell, he tends to be lippy!