Aug 2018

An interview with... International Blogger, Elena Sandor

You are a busy mum, lifestyle influencer and entrepreneur…what don’t you do! Tell us a bit more about how you got to this point in your career.

I started 11 years ago with a cooking blog. It was just an outlet for my passion for trying different recipes. I never knew I’ll make a living out of my lifestyle! After moving to London, I began exploring the blogging world and re branded my website, adding more categories such as fashion, travel, beauty. Becoming a mom has been amazing, although at times it is much more difficult to face parenting and my influencing career. I try to manage somehow, but what makes me go further is the brands that trust me with their campaigns. I’ve worked with lots of different names such as VISA, Johnson’s Baby, Hunter, Dior Beauty, and so many others so far, and my career as an influencer keeps growing.

What gave you the inspiration to launch your career as an influencer?

My mom inspired me to create my first blog where I published my recipes and my journey in the kitchen. More than a decade ago, here I am still doing what I love to do: inspire other people and showing them a lifestyle that anyone can achieve.

I always return to Dr.Lipp. It is so rich, moisturising, it is not sticky and it actually heals my cracked lips like no other. I get why the product receives awards because it is the best!

What’s your best piece of advice for someone looking to take the first step in launching a career on social media?

Invest in yourself and in your work as an influencer. Post only the best pictures and the best writing. Be creative, but also be honest with yourself and your readers. You need to have the right motivation behind being an influencer. If you’re not doing this for the passion you have for a particular area that you want to promote, your followers will know.

You travel to the most beautiful places (very jealous)! What is the most amazing place you have been to?

I’ve been to so many amazing places so far, I can’t pick just one. I have discovered Ibiza beyond the partying side everyone is familiar with. One of the places I fell in love with is La Granja, a farm at the heart of Ibiza island, where time stands still so you can admire the nature, the organic food, the rural decor.

What is so important to you about leading a natural lifestyle?

In a world where most everything is processed, it is mandatory to maintain as much natural lifestyle as possible. I grew up surrounded with organic food grown by my grandparents so I can tell the difference between what we’re eating now and what I was used to in the past. By being responsible with our planet, we can keep the next generations healthy and I believe this subject is more and more in the public eye, which is fantastic.

Being so busy, how do you keep a healthy lifestyle?

I try to use as much organic and local products as possible, recycle, not waist water, energy and food.


Aug 2018

What’s a day in the life of Eat Wear Travel?

I usually wake up at 10 in the morning, but that’s because Emma, my 2 year old, keeps me awake almost the entire night. She is still to sleep through the night, so I am constantly a tired mamma.

After breakfast, I try to answer my emails while I am cooking lunch. I am a multitasker, so you’ll see me playing with Emma, on the phone, while stirring in a pan. After lunch I try to put Emma to nap, which is always harder than invading China, but when she sleeps I am on my laptop editing, writing, planning shootings and doing a bit of engagement. Also cleaning the house;)) In the evening my husband comes home and I’ll be doing dinner, spend a little time as a family and then back to day two. Not all days are the same. I am doing also a day or two per week of meetings and events. Usually weekends are reserved for shootings or hotel reviews. I travel a lot too, so I am a lot of time in airports and visiting the world, but who can complain? I am living an amazing life and even if I am not spending a lot of time with my family, I am always stressed of my pending emails and posts, I’ll still choose to do the same.

What are your best tips for balancing work, a social life, and family?

Organize, organize, and more organization! Plan everything in advance, write it up and stick to the “to do” list. Prioritize, delegate and keep your smile on!

What steps do you take in your life to be more natural?

I try to embrace a makeup free day as much as possible. Use organic cosmetics and makeup, eat healthy. Breath fresh air and take walks in the forest or beach when the opportunity presents itself.

What does the term Go Natural mean to you?

I believe it means to reunite with mother nature and stop exploring it, but show love and respect. I think Go Natural should be our daily mantra in all aspects of our lives: either in our health, beauty, and social relations.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to take more steps to live a more natural life?

Pay more attention to what you put in your body. Eat organic products, more veggies and fruits. Drink pleanty of water. Take care of your body from a cosmetic point of view with organic, natural beauty products. Luckily, the beauty industry tries to cater to this need more and more! Go outside, enjoy life offline!

Tell us about your natural beauty products

If you can eat it, it’s good for you. That’s what a lady in an organic shop in Greece used to tell me. You can trust natural products because they were provided by the earth we’re living on and the benefits are tremendous for the health of our skin, our entire body. I use natural creams with olive oil, honey, coconut oil, herbs, spring water and so many other great body scrubs and lip balms, all natural.

Aug 2018

What does ‘green beauty’ mean to you?

Green beauty is the definition of being smart when applying anything on your skin. If it’s green, it’s pure nature goodness ready to look after your body perfectly.

Have you had any frustrations with natural products over synthetic products?

I get irritations, dry eyes, spots when I am using synthetic products, which is why I try to switch to natural products as much as possible.

What’s next for Eat Wear Travel?

I am going to be taking a home project, which is my first so you’ll see a lot of decorating ideas on my page. So far I am going to Marbella and Morocco in the upcoming months, but travel opportunity always come along with different brands.

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