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Dec 2018

An interview with... Influencer Designer Duo, Belle & Bunty

You’re Influencers, designers, and major girl bosses…what don’t you do! Tell us a bit more about how you got to this point in your career and any career highlights.

Haha, thank you! Well.. it’s quite a long story as we’ve been working together for over 13 years now. We met at The London College of Fashion where we were both studying womenswear design and surface textiles. During our time at university we joked about starting a business together and during our work experience placements Alice went to India for 6 months and worked as a designer for a big Indian manufacturer who then said they’d produce our designs for us. So with our manufacturing in place we designed a collection and started showing at London Fashion Week where we sold to buyers internationally. After 6 years we transitioned our business into producing in London as a made-to-order label, mainly producing wedding dresses which is what our label is today. We have a boutique in London and divide our time between the bridal world and still keep our feet in fashion through our blog and Instagram! There have been many highlights over the years like seeing our clothes in major department stores, being in every shop window of a major fashion chain in the UK this year and everyone of our happy brides that goes off to get married in one of our wedding dresses is a highlight too!

Apart from it being completely natural, it’s the consistency that really works to moisturise! Its great to pop in your handbag but also perfect to travel with.

What’s your absolute fave thing you’ve made?

Our own wedding dress designs! After years of designing collections it was only natural that we design our own wedding dresses which then took us down the bridal path that we are on now and The Belle Dress and The Bunty Dress are still in our collection today.

What’s your best piece of advice for someone looking to take the first step in a new business?

Do your research, have courage and Go for it !! There are always so many reasons not to do things but a little faith and the ability to adapt to new situations goes along way. It’s ok to not have all the answers when you start and be prepared to constantly learn as you grow.

Can you give us any tips on how to be a successful influencer?

Be yourself ! There are so many trends and different influencers that you can’t have any longevity if you are just replicating someone else. If you find your own style and stick to it.

Dec 2018
Dec 2018

What is so important about leading a natural lifestyle?

Touching base with nature when you can always makes you feel better, be that fresh air, beautiful flowers, a delicious salad or pampering yourself with some natural beauty products.

What’s your favourite way to keep a healthy lifestyle?

Alice loves to walk her dog Pearl in Hampstead Heath as well as taking static trapeze classes! Hannah is a gym bunny and enjoys getting hot and sweaty lifting weights and doing interval training.

What are your best tips for balancing work, a social life, family/freinds?

It’s hard! We both have children as well as running 2 business so the balance is hard to get but actually as you get a bit older you realise what’s important and it’s the small things that can really help you feel level headed.

What steps do you take in your life to be more natural?

We both try to pick healthy, natural options most of the time, be that in food, drinks or the product we use as well as the fabrics we use for our label of which the majority are 100% natural.

What do you feel are the benefits of 100% natural products? What other 100% natural products do you use?

It’s common sense that 100% natural product is going to be better for you than those that aren’t. We both love Elemis product, in particular the facial oil and Jo Malone candles and perfume too.

What are your beauty regimes?

To be honest we are both a bit low maintenance when it comes to beauty! We both love product and are getting more into lotions and potions (especially as we get older and need more of a helping hand) but don’t have lots of time for too much pampering so like simple, quick and effective product.

Dec 2018

What does ‘green beauty’ mean to you?

Using natural ingredients and organic product can be a little step to trying to live that healthier lifestyle. We believe in balance and do enjoy naughty things like cake and wine so when our beauty products are green that all goes towards having the right balance!

And finally…what’s next for your careers as Belle & Bunty and individually?

Who knows! We never expected to be making wedding dresses and blogging for a living when we started working together so we’ve learnt to expect the unexpected!