Nov 2017

An interview with... Fashion & Beauty blog, This Is Mothership

How do you manage being a full time yummy mummy and your verrrrry popular and ever-so-fabulous blog This is Mothership. How do you find a balance between the two?

Yes! In the past it was so difficult but we are getting better. We now plan our weeks so that we spend Tuesdays and Wednesdays creating content, which really means that once we pick up the kids from nursery we should be able to be focused on them. The aim is that we fit it all into a working day so our evenings are for our families. Although we pretty much are Whatsapping 24/7!

Do tell us where do you find inspiration for the blog?

It really comes from our daily lives. Anything that we love, that makes our lives easier, our readers also love. They appreciate that we are both experts in our fields, but that we are also mums. So we know how to adapt trends to our real life.

What beauty and fashion trends do you currently looooove?

Sam is obsessed with anything that will make her look healthy, glowy and fresh-faced. If a product can fake that on a pregnant mum of a toddler, then it is a keeper! Gemma is a huge fan of an across body bag. Her mini Chanel is always attached to her full of the essentials!

Do you find your beauty and fashion interests have changed since becoming parents?

Yes, we need products that work fast and deliver the miracles that they promise! We’ve swapped heels for statement flats and have constructed a “mum uniform” of easy-to-wear yet stylish essentials that look pulled together in less than 2 minutes.

As busy mums who juggle both career and family, what advice would you give to women who are about to become first time mothers?

It’s much harder than anyone ever tells you, but you can do it and it gets better and better! For some reason motherhood is like a secret club that no one tells you about until you’re in it. We try to dispel the myths surrounding perfect pregnancies, births, be honest about the post birth reality as well as the great bits.

We’d absolutely loooove to know any beauty hacks for busy mothers or women in a rush!

We know so many! These feature on our blog weekly. Invest in an under eye brightener and start doing face masks while you empty the dish washer. Maximise every single moment you have!

Gemma, you are a freelance stylist and have dressed some A- list celebrities. Does your daughter Belle have really faaabulous wardrobe as a result of this?

Haha! Her wardrobe is better than mine – I get so carried away with buying clothes for her!!

Nov 2017

Sam has known about Dr.Lipp for years and took many well-known celebrities’ advice and used it as a lip balm. When she had Leo it really came into its own as a nipple balm.

Nov 2017

Sam, you have ten years’ experience as a Beauty Director at some of our absolute favourite publications such as Stylist, Grazia and Glamour. Do you find that your journalism experience has translated effectively into a blog?

Yes. I was finding more and more that women would contact me for personal advice via Twitter or Instagram. These days, readers want to know the person behind the words. This Is Mothership has allowed me to do this, and to share my years of experience in the beauty industry with women who really need the advice broken down for them into real, digestible and relevant tips.

Do either of you miss the hustle and bustle of your fulltime jobs?

We are still balancing our day jobs with our blog jobs and our mum jobs. Sam freelances, writing for magazines and websites, and consulting for beauty brands alongside This Is Mothership, while Gemma still works with her biggest styling clients.

Vegan and natural skincare has become faaaar more popular over the past year, do either of you use any natural skincare products or vegan makeup?

Gemma is very into natural and organic. When she had Belle she was careful about everything she put onto her skin, which translated into everything that she used. We both use a mix of natural, organic and non-natural and organic products. Although on the kids it’s always essential that they are as chemical-free as possible.

We are all trying to preserve a happy planet for our children and generations to come, have you made any changes personally this year to reduce your burden on the planet?

Since having kids we’ve switched our cleaning products to ones that are as non-toxic as possible, such as Method.

What does “Go Natural” mean to you?

It means eliminating chemicals wherever possible for yourself and your family.

You both loooove Dr.Lipp as a multipurpose balm! What have you found it works best for?

Sam has known about Dr.Lipp for years and took many well-known celebrities’ advice and used it as a lip balm. When she had Leo it really came into its own as a nipple balm. Gemma breast fed Belle for a year, so Sam introduced her to it when they met.

As well as Dr.Lipp, what other beauty products do you carry with you religiously?

We always have a red lipstick in our bags. It helps to detract from tired eyes. Dr.Lipp is the perfect base for it. A hand cream is essential too; mums’ hands get so dry from all the washing up.

This is Mothership is going from strength to strength, what can we hope to see in the next couple of months?

We have big plans for the future – we’d love to bring out a book and take over the world!

Nov 2017