Oct 2015

An interview with... Dr. Esho

What inspired you to become a doctor within aesthetic surgery?
I always loved attention to detail and using my hands. I was always interested in my own skin and how to enhance features, and the two came together naturally in the aesthetic field.

What percentage of your clients are Male vs Female?
80% female, 20% male.

What is your most popular procedure?
It has to be my lip augmentations. I think sometimes people think that’s all I do… but I guess that comes from doing something very well!

What is the best beauty advice you can give to women?
Less is more when it comes to aesthetics.  Find a cosmetic doctor that will be true to you and not his/her pocket.

What do you think of Dr.Lipp?
I find it great as an after care product for lips – I recommend it to all of my patients after their procedures to help look after their new bespoke Le Beau Ideal lips.

I find it great as an after care product for lips, and I recommend it to all of my patients after their procedures, to help look after their new bespoke Le Beau Ideal lips!

Have you used it on your patients?
Yes, I use it regularly as part of post care. It’s important to protect, moisturise and hydrate the lips after a procedure, and Dr. Lipp balm is perfect to do this.  I recommend Dr.Lipp for aftercare.

I hear you are planning on opening new locations, can you tell us a little about your plans?

Ah! All is very hush-hush but we are set to launch within a very well-known luxury store before we start our international tour. We already have clinics established in Harley Street and Newcastle.

Who do you think has the sexiest lips?
For me it has to be Scarlett Johansson. She seems to be close to the perfect lip ratio – but recently Sarah Jane Crawford who presents the Xtra Factor on ITV has come a close contender. Her lips are amazing and she dresses them up perfectly with her trademark red lipstick.

Oct 2015