Apr 2019

An interview with... Dominique Antiglio

We must admit, Sophrology is a bit new to us! Can you please tell us more about the practice?

It is definitely new here but also steadily growing which I am really excited about! Sophrology is a stress-management and self-development method that is based on a practice for body and mind. Created by neuropsychiatrist Alfonso Caycedo in the 60’s in Spain, it blends Eastern practice with Western science to bring consciousness in a state of harmony. Through a unique combination of relaxation, breathing, body awareness and visualization exercises you can learn to tap into resources you never knew you had to positively deal with your daily life. It has been extensively used in Continental Europe to overcome stress and anxiety, improve sleep, increase confidence, prepare for important events including birth, competitions, presentations or exams. It is now reaching the UK notably thanks to my book The Life Changing Power of Sophrology and people here are now starting to realize that there is this unique meditative practice that can really boost their mental and physical well-being.

I like the simplicity and efficacy of the product and of course the fact it’s 100 per cent natural. Also, it is easy to carry around as I don’t like heavy hand bags!

Why do you think it’s so important to practice Sophrology?

I think deep down we all aspire to happiness and finding our true purpose. Then life happens and we can easily lose ourselves along the way – whether it’s through concentrating on building a career, looking after our family, or perhaps dealing with difficult situations or relationships. Most of us haven’t been shown simple ways to connect to ourselves to find the necessary calm, clarity, positivity, resilience or energy we need along the way. I think practising 10 minutes of Sophrology per day can really change the way we connect to ourselves and the world around us and help us access a happier life.

Apr 2019

What drove you to leave your Osteopathy career to focus on Sophrology?

I was super lucky to be sent to a Sophrologist by my Swiss GP when I was 15 years old and struggling with my health. It totally transformed my health and my life so I continued to study and practice it even when I was training and practicing as an Osteopath. My 10 years practicing as an osteopath further confirmed the close link between body and mind: what affects one affects the other and I was motivated to transmit the Sophrology tools that had helped me so much along the way so that people can access  healing on their own and gain more control over their health and life journey.

What has been your best career highlights so far?

Meeting many different people and feeling they trust me as a therapist. Being able to witness the positive changes they experience through their practice of Sophrology. And more recently, the opportunity to write my book The Life Changing Power of Sophrology so that more people can benefit from the method.

What’s your best piece of advice for someone looking to take the first step in a new business?

Work smart, be kind with people, persevere and everything will happen when it is ready!

Do you have any tips for balancing such a busy schedule?

Include self-care (Sophrology for example ;)), sleep and me-time in your schedule. Being overly busy is not sustainable, so choose your priorities.

What do you do in your down time? (if you have any to spare!)

I love Sunday afternoon naps in the winter! I love chilling out at the park with my family or meeting friends for a nice dinner. I love self-development books and podcasts, travelling and swimming in a warm sea.

What beauty products can you not live without?

Bath oils and a good hair cream to smooth my curly hair!

Can you tell us your best beauty tips?

Embrace everything about you and feel grateful for what you have. Stay away from people, food or places that don’t make you feel good!

What do you feel are the benefits of 100% natural products?

I think there are enough environmental pollutants around us so choosing natural products when it’s possible is a positive step for our health and our planet.

What’s an average day like for you?

It starts with the cutest voice of my 3 year old calling me saying “The sun is out” and a long cuddle! I always have a good breakfast and then I see clients, have business meetings, and prepare for classes and talks. At some point during the day I will do my own Sophrology practice, when all is on track, it will be 20 minutes in my office and when it’s a more busy day, it will be in a taxi or on the Tube on my way to a giving a talk. I take great pleasure in living in London, so I grab every opportunity I have to walk or visit a new area. Twice a week I finish my day with a Yoga or training session and then head home to see my family!

What is next for you? 

My book launched in the US in March and I have some filming in the pipeline for an online BeSophro Sophrology course launching later this Spring.