We chat to Chrystianna Filis, CEO of Harley Cosmetic London about all things beauty, aesthetics and more!

May 2021

Your career with over 14 years in advanced aesthetics sounds amazing! Can you tell us more about how you got to this point in your career?

It started off with me undertaking a beauty therapy course at the age of 17 and I moved into the anatomy and physiology side of course. What really made me go in depth with aesthetics was when I was in a big car accident which led me to have reconstructive surgery on my face at the age of 19. From then on, my passion for helping people with insecurities really kicked in because I was one of those people.

What has been one of your best career highlights so far?

My best career highlight was me finally launching my own aesthetics brand on the famous Harley street

What has been your biggest challenge in your career so far?

My biggest challenge and will continue to be is making sure all my clients walk out happy not just inside but also on the outside too

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Do not stress and just work with what you have and make it better. Stress does not resolve anything!

What is an average day like for you?

Well I’m a single mummy with a 3 and a half year old little girl who thinks she’s 13. I will start with breakfast and getting my little one dressed before nursery which feels like it can sometimes take the whole morning! I will then gather myself, have a coffee and work on my business paperwork and plans and then head to my clinic. I always end the day with a meal with my little one and some chill time. Its all about a work/ life balance

What do you do in your down time?

I’m a mummy with a dog also so spend lots of time with my furry friend. I also like to socialise with friends and their children alongside my daughter

Which beauty products can you not live without?

My go-to is from my new skincare line : Harley Cosmetic Skincare Dual Cleanser, Microfoliant and Night Repair Cream. I would only use products and ingredients that I would personally use on my clients

Can you tell us your best beauty tips?

My beauty tips are to wash your face day and night. Do not use cleansing wipes as these drag the skin and also do not thoroughly cleanse the skin. I am a big fan of regular light peels and also a fab of a hydrating serum. Another key player is drink plenty of water!

May 2021

Dr.Lipp is an iconic brand. I mean who doesn’t have the famous Original Nipple Balm. I always keep one in my handbag to use on dry skin or chapped lips. I adore the range of products and their ethos of being multi-usage, 100% natural and not tested on animals

May 2021

What is next for you professionally and personally?

Professionally I aim to expand into different countries as there is already a demand for our services and skincare line. On a personal level, my aim is continue to remain grounded alongside my daughter and maintain a strong family unit

Do you think ‘eco beauty’ is important in 2021?

It’s super important to be aware of the products we are using, and what we put IN and ON our bodies. More than ever we are aware of using ‘clean’ beauty products that will not harm our health, and I think this year and last year will always remind us that there is nothing more important than our health and wellbeing.

If you could encourage others to make one lifestyle change today, what would it be?

Ground yourself and take time out to focus on just yourself and your goals/ desires. Engage is meditation or visualisation. Take each day as it comes. Things can change in a click of a finger.