Dec 2016

An interview with... Call It Vanity

So we hear you’ve been best friends for ages! What’s the most exciting part about working with your bestie?

S: It’s super comfortable.  We can be upfront about what we like and don’t like and where we want to take things.  There is a trust that we have that may not be the case for other project partnerships that didn’t start from a friendship.

M: It’s kind of like having a baby together, which probably sounds really weird, but that’s totally what Call It Vanity is. When one of us is having a crazy week (or month, hah!) the other babysits the blog. I think if we weren’t such good friends then that approach just couldn’t work – we’re not just there to support the blog but we’re there for each other too.

It’s absolutely fabulous that you’ve teamed up with another dynamic duo – Dominika and Elsie from Clean Beauty Co. – to create London’s first ‘wellbeauty’ event, Clean Cult! First of all, what exactly is “wellbeauty”?

M: It’s the new wave of beauty that encourages respect for your mind and body. That may sound like a load of nothing if you’re talking about a lipstick, but at the end of the day if you’re saying no to harmful ingredients in your beauty products, then you’re recognising that you deserve better.

  It could make life easier if you find an ingredient or two you want to stay away from or alternatively a natural/organic oil or ingredient you want to focus on incorporating in your routine.

What gave you the idea to join forces?
S: We all recognised something was missing in the community, really, and after a few chats about it we all just figured there’s no better time than now to go for it!

M: I blame the wine! Seriously though, it was like we were all reading each other’s minds when we met up and all had really similar ideas about what we wanted to do. The rest is history.

Clean Cult is undoubtedly one of the trendiest beauty events in town. What kind of experience can people expect when attending?

S: It’s literally a massive hangout of like minded people, ready to learn, experience and most importantly have fun.  Who doesn’t have fun when a braid and a chocolate Oatly Baileys is involved 😉

M: Absolutely anyone can come along, so it’s a real mixed crowd. Despite that, everyone is chatting away and the whole vibe is pretty buzzing. Expect to discover some of the best niche natural beauty with a hefty dose of fun on the side!

Dec 2016

We won’t lie, Dr.Lipp was absolutely thrilled to be included in your gift bag at this year’s Christmas Event! What would you say Dr.Lipp represents in the natural beauty community right now?

M: There’s definitely a trend of people not only going natural with their beauty routines, but stripping it back down to basics. I’m talking using only a minimal amount of ingredients that multitask, which is of course what Dr.Lipp is all about. It’s part of a shift in the beauty industry as whole that’s rejecting the usual marketing that says you need 10 different products to do one job – if you can use something as a lip gloss and a nipple balm, then why the heck not?

Dec 2016

Have you tried using yours in any creative ways yet?

S: I’ve tried mine out on my lids!  Was interested in the glossy look for a night out!  I also used it religiously on my lips… i know that’s not creative but it’s literally gotten rid of a persistent dry patch on my lip so that’s worth the praise.

M: My eyebrows can be kind of wild sometimes, so it’s always handy for slicking them into place!

London really does seem to have become a hub for wellness and green beauty! Why do you think that is, and would you ever consider taking your events on the road?

S: Yes, definitely open to throwing more Clean Cult hangs and exhibitions in other places.  It’s all about sharing the wellbeauty wealth, after all.

M: I think it’s inevitable in a big city where you’re kind of out of touch with the natural world that you’ll want to reconnect with it in some way. For a lot of people, the easiest way to get their fix is by slotting it into their existing lifestyle.

That being said – Sabrina, we hear you’re originally from Canada! How would you say the natural beauty scene there compares to the UK?

S:  The scene is super impressive over in Canada at the moment.  This could be its proximity to the US where the industry has basically exploded.  The Canadian clean beauty brands available at the moment, both makeup and skincare, are really, really exciting.

M: You can watch this space actually because I’m moving to Canada in the new year, so we’ll soon be an international site and be a lot more tuned into the North American scene alongside the UK.

Dr.Lipp is also loooving Call It Vanity. It’s one of our favourite natural beauty blogs right now, so we’re itching to know what inspired you to start blogging!

S: Awesome! To keep it short and sweet… basically our incessant chatting about everything we’ve learned to our acquaintances, friends and family and their positive responses.

M: Thank you! It was definitely a spontaneous decision that we didn’t spend a lot of time mulling over, but it ended up snowballing. I think it’s less interesting as to what inspired us to start, but rather what inspires us to keep going. Whenever we hear from a friend or follower who has been affected positively by what we do, that’s a reason to continue dedicating our spare time to spreading the green beauty love. As the natural beauty industry grows too, there are constantly new opportunities cropping up, so we’re going to keep riding the wave and see where it takes us.

Which other natural beauty bloggers inspire you the most?

S: Ooooo that is a tough one! Umm, there are just so many good ones that each have it’s own reason for being special.  A new “hub” that I’m digging by a few blogger friends is The Peridot Mag.

M: I’ve always loved Ana Goes Green and her style of writing; it’s not just review after review, a lot of the viewpoints she puts out there about the natural beauty industry are very thought provoking. Whenever I want to get an opinion on a new release as well I know I can rely on the gorgeous Lily at Genuine Glow for the scoop! Overall though it’s the whole community of bloggers that inspire me with the way they all support each other.

Dec 2016

What do you think is the key to making a blog successful?

M: Time, time and more time! If you’re not a full time blogger as well, you have to be patient with yourself and accept when you’re overdoing it. At the end of the day, people don’t want to read churned out content. Identifying your niche and running with it as well will get you a long way.

S: Yas, time for sure as well as heart & soul.  Like Mayah mentioned people can see right through robotic articles.

Dec 2016

Considering how passionate you both clearly are about the entire natural beauty movement, we’re dying to know – what does ‘Go Natural’ mean to you?

S: Once you learn, you can’t “un-learn”.  Going natural is simply about paying more attention to what you’re putting on your skin everyday,  kinda of like what we do when pay attention to what we’re eating.  Same difference.

M: First and foremost for me it’s about actually taking the time to stop and think about what goes into your products and all the processes it requires to make a beauty product rather than living in blissful ignorance. Once most people realise what’s in the ingredients, they usually feel more comfortable going more natural.

More and more people are deciding to make the switch from conventional beauty to natural products, but it can feel a bit daunting at first. What’s your best tip for making that transition?

S: Start slow and do a bit of reading.  It could make life easier if you find an ingredient or two you want to stay away from or alternatively a natural/organic oil or ingredient you want to focus on incorporating in your routine.

M: Don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you’re finding the whole switch a bit difficult then it’s better to start off one product at a time, switching out the ones that go all over your body first, like moisturiser, shower gel etc. Some people can overhaul their whole routine in one go and be totally fine with it, but that’s the minority!

Which natural beauty brand (other than Dr.Lipp, of course!) do you think is stepping up their game at the moment?

M: So many to choose from! I’m kind of loving all of the new products Skin & Tonic London are coming out with though – they’ve grown so much so fast and yet haven’t compromised on their amazing ethos and quality.

S: I’m gonna go with a couple of obvious ones being RMS Beauty and Kajer Weis.  I just think it’s amazing how they’re growing their makeup ranges while completely keeping up their natural/organic ethos and luxe factor.

Finally, if you could have anyone in the world as a guest at your next event, who would it be?

M: I hate to be totally boring, but it’s less about who comes to me, and more about the people who do make it having a great time and learning something. Sooo I would say anyone who is completely new to natural beauty who could discover a whole lot by coming along!

S: I’m gonna have to agree completely with Mayah.  Anyone and everyone who loves beauty and is up for trying and learning new things should definitely come.  Having Sarah Brown, founder of Pai, as a speaker would be great as well… she has a great story about her journey to share.

Dec 2016