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Jan 2018
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Our Diary...


Glossy plump lips will always be our favourite look, but we just love red lips, pink lips, and hey – now even blue lips thanks to Erin Kristensen! But nothing spoils our mood like smudged lipstick, bad lip liner or *trembles* dry, flaky or chapped lips! Fret not, lovelies! We have sourced the best tips for how to prep your lovely lips for lashings of lippie!

Use an at-home lip scrub

Use a new, soft toothbrush, a purchased lip scrub or even make your own yummy one at home! Here’s how to make your own lip scrub. Get those lips nice and smooth before you start painting away for a gorgeous finish.

Moisturise the lips

Let’s cut to the chase; Dr.Lipp is #AllYouNeed here. Our 100% natural formula drenches the lips with heaps of hydration – essential for a powerful pout. We recommend rubbing over the lips before you start doing your make-up, so it has time to warm to the skin and start sinking in. Apply your lipstick last.

Line away

We remember a time when lip liner was a thing of beauty nightmares gone by, but it’s back in a big way, thanks to its anti-bleed use and not to mention the ability to make your lips look big and juicy! Get that liner round those lips, over-lining to create the impression of bigger lips or using inside the lip liner to make lips appear smaller or to change the shape of the lips. Isn’t makeup AMAZING!

Lippie time

It’s lipstick time, and like with most things, you can add but not take away, so build up colour in layers. Blotting excess with a tissue and reapply will help your lipstick stick around for longer, and a dab of Dr.Lipp in the centre of the lips will create the illusion of a fuller pout. Mwah! You are good to go!