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How To Get Wet Look Makeup
Jun 2017
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How To Get Wet Look Makeup

Wet look makeup is a huge trend at the moment. From catwalks to magazines and red carpets, we’re taking the usual glow up a notch. But how do you create wet look makeup? It’s easier than you might think, and you only really need to focus on 4 main points: eyes, lips, cheeks and brows.

The key with this look is to embrace the gloss without going overboard. Killer brows? Leave the lids matte. Oil slick eye shadow and a positively reflective lip? Leave the cheeks bare. By all means, have fun and go all out with the trend while it’s here, but try and maintain some sort of balance.

But how do you actually CREATE the look? Not to toot our own horn, but Dr.Lipp is the perfect solution. As it’s entirely translucent, it’s quite a fool proof product and looks absolutely beautiful on its own, as part of an effortless, natural look, or alongside other products and pigments for a more dramatic effect. It’s also completely non-toxic and 100% natural, which makes it perfect for lips, cheeks and the delicate eye area.

As an easy first step, pop some on the tops of your cheekbones for a sleek, modern twist on the traditional highlight, and smooth a layer over your favourite lip liner to create a custom gloss. Brush a little bit through your brows to create a structured look, or go all-out and slick them in place to create a real statement.

Of course when it comes to wet look makeup, the real star has been the emergence of oil slick eyeshadow. To play it safe, apply Dr.Lipp in its own, or over the top of a light, neutral shade. To avoid smudging, try using a liquid or gel formula of shadow, like a paint pot.

If you feel like going a bit more bold, instead of just applying Dr.Lipp underneath or over the top of your usual shadows, you can create your own custom gloss shadow by mixing pigments directly with Dr.Lipp. How much or how little shine you want is up to you, and I think it may take a bit of trial and error to absolutely nail, but this is such a fun trend to try out as the days grow longer and warmer. If nothing else, it can’t hurt to try new things… and at least your lids will be well-nourished and moisturised!