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How To Get Bigger Lips Naturally
Nov 2017
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How To Get Bigger Lips Naturally

Soft, glossy lips are what we love, ladies, but if big, plump lips a la Kylie Jenner and Angelina Jolie are your thing, we have just the solution. If you prefer to go natural and avoid lip fillers and injectables, there are ways to get a full pout naturally.

Brushing your lips gently with a soft toothbrush will not only smooth them by sloughing dry bits off (bleurgh!), but increase circulation, making them look gorgeously rosy and kissable!

Next, rub over your favourite lip balm, (*ahem* may we recommend Dr.Lipp!?) to add moisture, aid repair and instantly plump. The gorgeous glossy finish will also reflect light off your newly smoothed smackers, giving the illusion of a fuller pout.

If the Kylie Jenner in you pleads for further plumping action, apply a small amount of your foundation or concealer over the lips before lining the lips slightly over the natural lip line and filling with your lipstick of choice. Apply Dr.Lipp to the centre of the lips and cupid’s bow to highlight and add definition.

And calling all lip filler-devotees – we hear that keeping your lips hydrated is key, especially immediately after procedures. Lanolin, our only ingredient, has almost the same molecular structure as our skin’s natural oils, which is why it works so well at hydrating and assisting with repair.

Pucker up!