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How Long Does Natural Lip Balm Last
Sep 2016
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How Long Does Natural Lip Balm Last

While everyone loves the idea of organic beauty products that are made out of pure ingredients like plants, flowers, and food items, this also means that these qualities are not everlasting. Natural lip products are notorious for going bad quicker than other kinds of chemically made goods that have tons of preservatives in them just for the very purpose of increasing shelf life.

After a certain amount of time, the natural ingredients in your favorite natural lip balm can easily become contaminated with bacteria. If you are using expired lip balms and creams, it is just as bad as devouring expired food ingredients. Using an expired product causes breakouts, dry skin problems, and even rashes and infections, doing more harm than good to your skin. Therefore, the best way to go about safely using a natural lip product is to use it regularly as is instructed so that it is used up before it expires.

What Can One Do To Increase the Shelf Life of a Lip Product?

If you store your lip balm in a cool and dry place, it will definitely last a lot longer than a lip care product that is exposed to varying or extreme temperatures. People have even tried storing their lip balms in refrigerators. Only, make sure that if you do the same, you seal the balm in a moisture proof container first.

Since there is no official shelf life for a natural skin care product, even the FDA recommends that you follow shelf life guidelines for safety before you find out that you have no choice but to throw away a product.

When in Doubt

If you have no idea when a product you own will expire, and the expiration date has worn off the label; well, you will have to comb through your collection of cosmetics and bathroom drawers every 6 months. If you have owned a product for half a year, it is time that you tossed it out. Products that have moisturizing properties or a sunscreen in them are bound to have clear instructions on its expiration. If you are still not sure and you have sensitive skin, don’t risk it – throw the product away.

Testing it Out

If the shelf life of your product depends on when you take off the seal and you cannot remember when you last used the product, you can always do a sniff test. If you feel something smells a bit funky, or the product looks like it has separated, which is uncommon for the product, you need to toss it away. However natural products seldom have any smell at all, so that is never a clear indicator of a product going bad, stick to the change in color or appearance and the time length of use to be sure  if a lip balm is still any good.

Natural Lip Balms are Always Relatively Safer

The number one rule when creating natural lip balms is that you make use of no colorants, flavors, and fragrances, and if they must be used then they should be super safe. However, they are impossible to use in the manufacturing process in most cases since extracts never mix well with waxes and oils with which natural lip balms are made out of.

Lip balms like Dr. Lipp nipple and lip balm is 100% natural and perfect for skincare and repairing dry skin. The product does not have any preservatives and parabens, which makes it a balm with a short shelf life, but numerous benefits for the skin.