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How Does Cuticle Oil Work?
Jun 2017
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How Does Cuticle Oil Work?

It’s a pretty widely accepted truth that our hands go through more wear and tear on a daily basis than any other part of our bodies, so it makes sense that we should give them a bit of extra TLC. Hand creams and traditional moisturisers are a great start, but not so many of us remember to think about one of the most commonly damaged areas – our cuticles.

Whether it’s the result of cold weather or a nervous tendency to pick away, most people’s cuticles are in pretty bad shape, and when it comes to that level of repeated damage a simple hand cream isn’t quite going to do the trick. That’s where cuticle oil comes in!

Cuticle oils, balms and ointments can come in all different forms, with various levels of effectiveness depending on what it is that you’re looking for. If you have your entire life together and somehow have managed to maintain picture perfect fingertips, something lightweight will probably get the job done. However, unless you’re getting regular manicures and have incredible self discipline, that probable isn’t the case.

When it comes to the sorry state of truly damaged cuticles, simply moisturising the skin isn’t going to solve the problem; you need something with reparative properties, like lanolin.

Applying lanolin as a cuticle treatment serves several purposes. Firstly, to soothe any particularly sore, cracked, dry or irritated areas, providing a bit of immediate relief. Secondly it creates a protective barrier over the affected area, to prevent more damage from occurring whilst it moisturises.

Finally, and most crucially, because lanolin is so similar to our skin’s natural oils it not only soothes and moisturises skin but actually promotes and accelerates healing. That means that by popping on a bit of Dr.Lipp as cuticle oil you’re getting immediate relief AND long term results; this isn’t a temporary solution – your skin is actually getting a helping hand to heal itself.

Popping a bit of lanolin on your cuticles each night before bed will visibly repair your cracked, neglected skin, whilst also providing protection to prevent further damage and giving your skin the support it needs to strengthen and heal itself over time.

Goodbye redness and painful tears, hello picture perfect mani!