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How Do I Find out What Best Lip Balms Are?
Sep 2016
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How Do I Find out What Best Lip Balms Are?

Here is everything that makes a lip balm the best out of the myriad that are constantly advertised to be perfect for you!

Get the Natural Ones

There may be thousands of lip smacking products in the current market but the best out of these are the most naturally effective ones. The key regarding lip care products is that unlike other kinds of skin care products, these are made out of ingredients that are quick to ingest. Therefore, the best would easily be the one that you consider safe to eat, which throws all chemical and synthetic ingredient lip balms out the window. The safest approach to good lip balms here would be to go for products that are natural and therefore edible. Something like Dr. Lipp’s original balm perhaps.

If you go for balms that are made more out of chemicals than natural elements, you might end up with a product that is harsh for your skin and also dangerous, after all that soft lip skin absorbs everything faster than the rest of your skin, and the chemicals that function to wear off dry skin definitely do not belong 7 layers deep in your skin. Some of the things that you need to take care of as you fish for the best lip balm is that you steer clear of balms that have petrochemicals in them which are linked to different health concerns and are sensitive towards the skin.

A Balm that Multitasks

Balms can do more than just hydrate your skin – a good balm that is. When you are looking for the perfect balm, make sure that you get a product that performs at double duty, and then does the work of two lip products. For example Dr. Lipp nipple and lip balm is a balm moisturizer for all parts of the body and not just the lips. On top of that, it works as a primer applied to your eyelids for makeup, and when you want, you can treat it as natural lip gloss that works just as well as a good lip gloss. This makes the cosmetic item a definite must-have.

Lip Balm with Perks

The entire point of having a lip balm is making your mouth feel and look divine; therefore, remember that it is okay if you are being a bit picky. It is suggested that you go for lip products with high grade oils, like sage oil, tea tree oil, and almond oil. Another beneficial ingredient is Vitamin E, which soothes the skins. On top of that, if you find a lip balm that is free of parabens, then it’s definitely a keeper.

Think About the Packaging You Want the Product In

The very first thing that you need to consider is when you purchase a lip balm is the packaging it comes in. If you are prone to using your forefingers to dab it on, then a pot or a sizeable jar is a good idea, but if you want something handy and can carry in your bag, a better idea would be to get something that is available in a tube. You can squeeze out the amount you want neatly, and moisturize your hands, your lips and any other skin area that feels patchy and dry. You can then neatly stow it away in your handbag where it is at no risk of being damaged or spilled because of its particular packaging.