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Dec 2017
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Our latest #GoNatural interviewee, the amaaazing and gorgeous nutritionist Kamilla Schaffner has been kind enough to offer us some of her totally divine and super healthy recipes for Christmas! Darlings we know this time of year you love to indulge, us too (don’t tell The Doctor), so we thought we’d ask the radiant Kamilla to help us where she can! She has been kind enough to provide not one, not two, but three festive recipes for us. If you want to catch our interview with Kamilla, you can read up here to find out why she loves our 100% natural balm for dry skin, luscious lips and glossy bits and what Prince Harry puts in his shopping basket!

Over to you Kamilla!

Healthy Side Dish: Christmas Aubergines 

If you want to have a great side dish that won’t cause extra weight the next day then I suggest skipping starchy side dishes like roast potatoes and going for something equally filling yet light. Enter aubergines! Delicious, nutritious and light – always good news when you have a long Christmas dinner or lunch to get through!

Pre-heat the oven on 180C. Slice aubergines lengthways and score the flesh with a kitchen knife in a diamond pattern to speed up the cooking time.  Lightly oil the surface, season with salt, pepper and Za’atar (a great earthy Middle Eastern spice) and roast for about 45 minutes. Whilst aubergines are roasting prepare the most incredible textured juicy topping. In a bowl combine raw pomegranate seeds, chopped fresh parsley, chopped red chilli (you can substitute for a regular red pepper) and capers. Season with olive oil and lemon juice. Once aubergines are cooked, top them with the fresh vegetable mix, serve and save your waistline!

Healthy Christmas Breakfast: French Toast

If you want to treat your family or friends to a great breakfast but want to skip hundreds of unnecessary calories then look no further, this breakfast is very easy to prepare and is actually good for you!

Slice good quality (ideally 1 day old) bread into thick slices. In a deep bowl mix lightly beaten egg whites (2 egg whites per person) with cinnamon, stevia and maybe a splash of Amaretto or Baileys – hey, it’s Christmas time! Dip your sliced bread in to the mixture making sure it’s coated on both sides and fry in a healthy oil like olive or coconut until both sides start to caramelise and brown. Once cooked, transfer onto a plate, drizzle with the highest grade Maple Syrup and sprinkle with pomegranate seeds and finely chopped mint for Christmas vibes with added nutritional goodness!

Healthy Christmas Drink: Blood Orange Fizz

If you are tee-total or just want to save yourself from ingesting hundreds of calories in alcohol alone, this cocktail will be your best friend over the holiday season.  The combination of blood orange, ginger and cinnamon has the perfect Christmas spice combination and will keep you well hydrated, whilst topping you up on nutrients like Vitamin C and Quercetin which are vital for winter immunity and hangover prevention!

Juice blood oranges in a jug getting approximately 800ml -1L in quantity. If you cannot find fresh blood oranges then you can skip this step by buying readymade blood orange juice from most leading supermarkets. Juice or grate a small piece of ginger approximately 4-6cm long and in a jug mix blood orange juice, ginger juice, a very generous pinch of powdered cinnamon and top with a high quality natural sparkling water. Festive, healthy and fabulous! Cheers!

Thanks SOO MUCH, Kamilla! Suddenly we’re feeling peckish!