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Health’s Best Lip Balms Ever!
Dec 2018
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Health’s Best Lip Balms Ever!

Suffering from a dry, winter pout? Finding a lip balm that is a cut above the rest is a tough task. Moisturising, long-lasting, hydrating…oh my! But here at Dr.Lipp, we have you covered! And the editors over at Health.com agree!

“I go through countless lip balms during the winter: Jack Black, Burt’s Bees, and classic ChapStick are all in my purse at the moment. But when it comes to actually healing chapped lips and protecting them from freezing cold and dry air, nothing beats Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips. This multipurpose balm was originally developed for nursing moms (hence its name), but it feels incredible on lips. The formula is super thick, hydrating, and instantly replenishes cracked skin. I keep it in my coat pocket all winter long and apply right before going outside so it acts as a shield to prevent lips from becoming chapped in the first place.”  —Kathleen Felton, senior editor

Thank you Kathleen and the whole editorial team over at Health…we couldn’t agree more! Original Nipple Balm all day, everyday! Read the full article here!