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Jan 2019
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HaySparkle Blog!

Suffering with the flaky, achy winter skin? The gorgeous Hayley (better known as HaySparkle) knows just the stuff to rid you of your brittle skin….why Dr.Lip of course!

 ‘Dr.Lipp is literally where the parties at when it comes to helping with dryness, their Original Nipple Balm is something I’ve actually used and loved for years because not only is it so bloody good for dryness but it has a multitude of uses too, the list is literally endless as you can use it for your hands, cuticles, after sun, babies bums, glitter glue, eyebrow shaping, sore nose, dry patches on your body like elbows and knees, chapped lips, lip gloss, sore boobs and you can even use it to buff and shine up scuffs on shoes and heels, it’s so incredibly useful. The formula of the original nipple balm is very thick and does take some working in but personally I don’t mind that because the effects afterwards are amazing, it’s 100 natural containing only one ingredient which is medical grade lanolin, its fragrance free, tasteless and lasts for up to 8 hours. My favourite way to use the nipple balm (oh I cant help but lol to myself when I say that) at the moment is for my hands which where so dry they where literally cracking and bleeding, but this magical stuff cleared that up straight away, I always pop it on before bed to give it plenty of time to soak into my skin! I’ve also used it as a night cream on my face as I’ve been so dry and it works an absolute treat!’

Thank you ever so much for the glowing words! Make sure you catch the full article here!