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May 2017
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Our Diary...

Handbag Heroes

We all know the handbag basics – phone, wallet, keys – but in my opinion those are only a fraction of the real necessities. In today’s on-the-go society it pays to be prepared for anything, and over time I’ve put together a small arsenal of lifesavers. Whether it’s a minor beauty mishap or a complete refresher after a night out, these little heroes will be your best friends when you need them, and sit quietly tucked away, taking up barely any space when you don’t.

Mini Perfume

Pick a scent that is, above all else, fresh. The elevating, refreshing potential of a clean scent is limitless. Whether you need a pick me up before heading out after work, or have simply forgotten to spritz yourself before leaving home in the morning, a compact spray or rollerball is your best friend.

Bad-Breath Banishers

From gum to breath spray to a collapsible toothbrush or those single-use mini brushes you can sometimes find in chemists, there is nothing worse that feeling self-conscious about your breath or teeth, so stock up. You may not need these every single day, but on the days you do you’ll be thanking yourself for thinking ahead!

Deodorant Wipes

Not the most glamorous suggestion of the bunch, but an absolute lifesaver nonetheless. We’re not talking about your typical wet wipes – oh no. One of the most important innovations of recent times are discreet little packs of wipes designed not only to get rid of any issues that may have arisen, but prevent them from worsening/reoccurring throughout the day.

Hand Sanitiser

It’s best not to think about all the different things we touch on a daily basis whilst out & about, but it does pay to think of how you can best deal with it. Hand sanitiser is a must for anyone on the go, and whilst I don’t recommend it becomes too strictly incorporated in your routine (certainly doesn’t match up to the satisfaction of actually washing one’s hands the old-fashioned way), it is nice to have for emergencies. I’d also pop in a nice hand cream as well, as many hand sanitisers contain alcohol and can be quite drying.

Makeup & Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Whether it’s the point in an evening (morning) out when your makeup is beyond saving and you’d be better off just getting rid of it all together, or you just need to neaten things up a tad, having the option to properly remove your makeup is a comfort. Nail polish remover wipes are here as well because I think they’re a fantastic invention and well worth popping in your bag, considering they’re so compact.

Your Current Lipstick & Nail Shade

Honestly common sense, but I do find that although it’s second nature to prepare for lipstick reapplication we often overlook the possibility of a minor nail disaster. Whether it’s a simple chip or – banish the thought – an entire nail ruined, having the option for a quick touch up often makes the difference when it comes to looking…. polished.

The Obvious: Dr.Lipp

The original multitasker, Dr.Lipp has come to my rescue on many occasions. Sore cuticles, an odd dry patch, unruly brows… the list goes on. However, versatility aside, I truly can not go anywhere without it on my lips. Without it I feel at a loss, so I’ve learnt the hard way to keep at least two in my bag at any given time. And one in a pocket. And one on my bedside table, desk and bathroom shelf. I’d rather be excessive than without it!

A Portable Charger

I could not get through the day without my portable charger. When you consider that fact that so many of us use our phones for absolutely everything from following directions and checking social media to carrying out various aspects of our jobs, it really does become a problem when the battery can’t quite keep up. Even if you are relatively detached from your phone, having the peace of mind that you won’t be left stranded is more than worth the one-off purchase.

Feature image by @maceyalexandra on instagram!