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Halloween with Dr.Lipp!
Oct 2018
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Our Diary...

Halloween with Dr.Lipp!

All Hallows Eve is upon us darlings! But where did Halloween actually come from…and what’s jack-o-lanterns got to do with it?!

The origins of Halloween were influenced heavily by Celtic, Pagan and Christian traditions – commonly thought of as the day when the dead can return. The holiday has always celebrated all things strange and scary, but festivities as we know them have changed over the years. Modern Halloween traditions were brought by immigrants to the United States in the early 20th century.The many mixtures of traditions date back throughout the years. People used to make additional food offerings for their ancestors and the many spirits wandering about. Talk about Hocus Pocus!

 Jack-O-Lanterns derive from an old Irish folk figure; the legend was that one night a drunkard named Jack had come across the devil on a deserted and darkened road. He tricked and trapped the devil in a tree. After agreeing to let the devil down, he struck a deal with him that he could never take his soul. When he died, he went to neither heaven nor hell. Instead he was forced to wander around in eternity. The devil flung up from hell an ember of coal to light his way, which Jack stuck in a hollowed-out pumpkin. Thus, the legend of the jack-o’-lantern was born!

Whether you are taking part in trick-or-treating or heading to the best Halloween Ball – here’s how to use Dr.Lipp’s Original Balm this spook-tacular night! Our luxuriously thick formula is the best alternative to nasty chemical based glitter glue! Dab some where you are applying glitter, then add some sparkle…tah-dah!!