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Good Houskeeping’s Top Lip Balms!
Feb 2020
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Our Diary...

Good Houskeeping’s Top Lip Balms!

The amazing beauty team over at Good Housekeeping have rounded up their fave lip balm buys…from luxury to budget friendly – and of course, Dr.Lipp was in the mix! We are oh sooo delighted! Because everyone suffers from cracked, dry winter skin right?

‘Our beauty team have been road testing lip balms, using them on-the-go, before bed, in the office, and under other lip products as primer. Whether you want something simple and functional or luxurious and scented, we have found lots of lip balms to suit. Here are our favourite products for keeping lips soft, smooth and comfortable and some GHI top-scorers!’

Did you know that our hero balm is made from 100% natural Lanolin – the reason our gorgeous balms work so well for everything and everyone! Lanolin actually penetrates the skin, rather than sitting on top. So all that hydration goodness gets soaked into your skin and absorbed, resulting in nourished and supple skin! And that’s why we love it of course!

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