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Nov 2017
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Our Diary...


Oh we just had to giggle at this lovely mention from Girlboss in their article, This Miraculous Balm Will Make You *Sheepish* And Not Just Cause It’s For Nipples. How funny!

Thank you girls for outlining our super ingredient, 100% natural Lanolin and its gorgeous properties to moisturise dry or chapped skin. Did you know our Lanolin comes from free-roaming sheep in Australia and is cruelty-free? Well you do now!

This is what the gang at girlboss had to say, lovelies: “Dry elbows? Nipple balm! Dry patches of skin around your mouth because you’re probably being too aggressive with your at-home chemical peel? Nipple balm! Weird sore inside your nose from having a low-grade sinus infection for two years? Nipple balm! (OK, not really. Consult your doctor on that one, sheesh.)

And as someone who is lipstick-inexperienced, let the record show that applying a dab of this stuff over some intense lip color makes everything a little less intimidating. And again, your lips will be pillows—glorious, sheep-goop pillows.”

Thanks Girlboss! You can read the full article here.