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Gifts That Make Your Skin Glow!
Dec 2019
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Gifts That Make Your Skin Glow!

Stumped on what to get your best friend, sister or even yourself? Give the gift of glowing skin with Dr.Lipp of course! The amazing Lollie King at Bustle agrees…Dr.Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm is the perfect gift for skincare addicts this festive season!

From long lasting lip gloss, to cuticle cream and everything in between, Dr.Lipp has you covered! ‘This cream is basically magic. It can be used on any areas that are getting a little chapped  during the winter months, but also can be used on lips if you fancy a little gloss,’ says Lottie. Made from 100% pure medical grade Lanolin, your skin will be sooo fresh and hydrated after just one use! The origin of Lanolin goes waaaayy back – it has been used for centuries traditionally as a ‘nipple balm’. The core ingredient, lanolin, was cited in the world’s first encyclopedia of medicine dated as far back as 90AD. So illustriously amazing, it proved to be almost identical to our skin’s natural oils and so complex, scientists still can’t reproduce anything as good as the real deal.

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