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Five Natural Beauty Bloggers and Influencers We Love
Nov 2017
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Our Diary...

Five Natural Beauty Bloggers and Influencers We Love

At Dr.Lipp, we totally advocate a natural lifestyle and would be delighted for you to be involved in our #GoNatural movement! When we aren’t spending time with the Doctor, we’re catching up on content from natural beauty bloggers and influencers we absolutely love and we thought we just must share with you!

Here are five that we thought you could sink your teeth into for now, but if you know any that you think we’ll adore as much as you, then please let us know! We’d just loooove you for it!

Kate Murphy (pictured)

Natural beauty blogger Kate Murphy is a cute as a button and we really enjoy her natural product reviews and tips on Living Pretty Naturally! When she isn’t blogging she runs a chess company and lives in Oslo!

Fiona Klonarides

Our love for Fiona Klonarides is strong – she’s the force behind The Beauty Shortlist and its awards (of which Dr.Lipp was a winner this year you know!) and natural beauty buff. We love her so much in fact, that we interviewed her last year, which you can read here! There is nothing about natural beauty that Fiona doesn’t know!

Alba Ramos

Alba Ramos is a beauty vlogger on a mission to show her followers natural beauty and products with non-toxic ingredients. We’re completely in awe of her incredible glowing skin and beautiful hair and she’s also bilingual!

Janey Lee Grace

Janey Lee Grace is natural beauty royalty, blogger behind Imperfectly Natural and also hosts the Janey Loves Platinum awards each year! And if that’s not enough, she’s also a DJ and author! How on earth do you fit it all in, Janey!?

Gwyneth Paltrow

We haaaad to include Gwynnie, one of our faaavourite actresses and she was an honorary Brit for a while too! When she isn’t collecting Academy Awards, Gwyneth is asserting her force as a natural advocate with her brand Goop. Some of her suggestions may not be for everyone (vaginal steaming, anyone?) but we have to agree with her natural policies.

Image credit: Kate Murphy