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The awesomely stylish label created by designer twins Annette and Daniela!



Felder Felder

January, 2015

Dani and Annette Felder are the coolest identical twins around, with a label that is known for creating elegance with an edge. They are inspired by music and are fixtures in the fashion press. We met them to see how they created their rock’n’roll aesthetic, what inspired the makeup for their latest show, and their favourite skincare.

Founder of Dr.Lipp, Pontine Paus, has been a fan of Felder Felder and its feminine rock chick look since you started back in 2007. What life experiences have inspired you to create your fabulous look? 

Growing up in the countryside without access to internet and just very limited TV, Dani and I were drawing a lot of our inspirations from our Dad’s record collection- a lot of Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin was in there. We eventually went hunting for records ourselves, usually late-60s to early-70s, and started to experiment with the clothing that we had noticed on our beloved record sleeve covers.

At what age did you discover fashion and make-up? And were you both equally interested at the same age?
As mentioned above, we discovered fashion through music. That was when we were 15. The same year we also discovered the first vintage store we had ever been to. That was in Cologne. At that time, the store charged something like DM5 per kilo, which is like £2. We were obsessed and came home with bin bags full of clothes every week.

We are very excited to see your latest collection, what has been the inspiration for the look?
The SS15 collection was inspired by Veruschka, the wonderful model from the late 1960s who effortlessly merged her femininity with a certain edge – like a romantic tomboy.

Can you tell me a little about the makeup look for your show and what were the key products used to create the look?
The makeup was inspired by our muse – we just wanted to recreate this look in a very modern way. So very natural, fresh and beautiful just with a strong eye. We decided together with our makeup artist Mikaela Alleyson from Lord + Berry to use a yellow for the dark girls and a blue for the blonde girls. The products used were Lord + Berry as well, our makeup sponsors for SS15 – the products are so easy to use and feel amazing.

On a personal note you both have beautiful skin; what are both of your skin regimens?
Thank you. We are both religious about cleansing our face before going to bed – no matter how late the night. During the day, we use a serum underneath our face cream, and always with high sun protection – our mother has auburn red hair, so we inherited her sensitive skin.

What are your favourite skincare and make-up products that you use every day?
Favourite cleanser is Daily Cleanser by Dermaquest. Our daycream is tinted moisturizer Anthelios XL by La Roche-Posay and the Skin Design London moisturizer. Mascara is Black by Lord + Berry and eyeliner is Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Espresso by Chanel.

Have you tried Dr.Lipp, and what did you use it for?
Yes, for my lips. I don’t leave the house without lip balm.

Do you remember your first kiss?
I remember my first kiss very well. It was on a skiing holiday in the mountains. In another group there were these cool snowboarders, and I had a crush on the one that looked like he was in Led Zeppelin. We kissed innocently the last night of the trip and stayed letter friends for about half a year. Even cool snow boarders can be romantic!

""I don’t leave the house without lip balm." - Felder Felder"

Felder Felder

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