Dr.Lipp Loves: March
Apr 2017
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Dr.Lipp Loves: March

Over the past few months we’ve seen more and more of you interacting with us, whether it’s on twitter or by tagging us on instagram, and to be perfectly honest we absolutely adore it. Seeing you embrace Dr.Lipp and show us and others how it’s fitting into your lives is so rewarding, and we thought it was about time we gave something back!

Often once someone tags us in a photo, or lets us know they’ve mentioned us in a blog post, it’s as though we blink and find ourselves months deep in their content, so we’ve come up with a way to share a few of those people with you. Each month we’ll pick three of the blogs, instagrams or youtube channels we’ve been particularly loving, and give them a bit of the recognition they deserve! Hopefully you’ll find some new favourites too.


Tilly, to use an incredibly overused phrase, is one to watch. We found her through her post Get Ready With Me & Dr.Lipp, and were immediately impressed. Her blog is put together with so much genuine effort and investment, which absolutely shines through, and becomes even more impressive once you realise she’s 16 and is doing it all alongside studying for her GCSEs! From personal posts to tips on how to make time for yourself and keep up your instagram theme, you can tell she genuinely enjoys what she’s doing, and we can’t wait to see where she goes from here!

Tilly Loves: Eleanor Claudie, another younger blogger who’s also creating great original content, with a fashion focus.

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Anna has hands down taken some of our favourite product shots of all time, and it’s not hard to believe once you take a look at her instagram feed. Every single picture she posts is so beautiful, and she manages to make everything seem just a little bit magic. Her photos will leave you feeling inspired, and more likely than not feeling as though it may be time for an adventure!



This one (like the others, to be honest) was an absolute no-brainer. We’ve fallen in love with Ashley, from the dry humour of the quotes she posts on instagram to her infectious smile and the way she somehow managed to look better at 9 months pregnant than we do on our best days! Alongside being a full-time mum of two (her youngest daughter Margot was born in March, which make this even more special!) she manages to keep her blog and instagram not only constantly updated but chic as ever.

Ashley Loves: Anneli Bush, a London-based Scandinavian blogger with a fab instagram!

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If you’d like to be featured in next month’s edition of Dr.Lipp Loves, all you need to do is create something Dr.Lipp-related (photo, blog post, whatever takes your fancy) and tag us on social media! We love checking out new creators, so if you mention us always let us know! xx