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Dr.Lipp in Mini Size – Your Handbag Hero
Nov 2017
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Our Diary...

Dr.Lipp in Mini Size – Your Handbag Hero

Dr.Lipp is now available in a 4ml mini size! We are so excited! We like to think of it as your handbag hero, small enough to fit into even the tiniest clutch bags and pockets meaning you’ll never be left with chapped lips or dry bits. Just glossy, kissable smackers and soft, smooth skin all over!

What has changed, we hear you ask? We assure you that the formula is the same 100% natural lanolin that you all love, just in a super cute mini size, perfect for flights, stocking fillers, your commute and your desk.

Girls, we love your feedback and when you talk we listen, because that’s what girlfriends do! We happened to know a really super Doctor who was able to make the whole thing possible so doooo let us know what you think of our gorgeous new mini because we LOVE to hear from you!