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Dos and Don’ts for Lip Care
Sep 2016
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Our Diary...

Dos and Don’ts for Lip Care

So you just had a nice facial and feel radiant as ever – but what about your lips? If you have already started noticing that what was once a much softer skin on your lips is the only area on your face that is dryer than the rest, you need to review your lip care dos and don’ts.


The Dos:


Protect Your Lips from Harsh Elements

It is important that you remember to moisturize your lips and use sunscreen, just like you would on every area of your skin.

Drink Lots of Water

The one thing that your lips need to look soft and youthful is hydration. Cracked lips are not only unattractive but also painful. Then there is the tendency of people picking at bits of flaky skin. This can lead to damaging results, including bleeding.

Visit a Dermatologist if the Lip Balm is not Solving Anything

An underlying irritant or allergy is mostly a reaction to lip care products. There is always the possibility of sun damage that is precancerous and requires a series of different treatments all the time. So before you try lip balm after lip balm, visit a reputable dermatologist just in case.

Use the Best Lip Balm

Dr. Lipp original lip balm is one of the best things to hit the skin care industry. Since this is made out of all natural ingredients, its skin hydrating effects are phenomenal. The balm works to reduced roughness by 40% in just 60 minutes. Also it works great to give your lips a natural glossy look without you using chemical lip glosses. The balm being totally additive and paraben-free is perfect for users who have allergies or are skeptic of cosmetic products with harsh effects.


The Don’ts:


Steer Clear of Lip Balms with Extraneous Ingredients

Sometimes you can develop an allergic reaction or an irritation to ingredients that are mixed with lip balms. Usually, these are ingredients that are added purely for marketing, for example one that adds a certain flavor or a fragrance. These are elements that do annoy sensitive skin, and end up doing more harm. When it comes to lip balms you need products that have ingredients like aloe vera or petroleum. These are particularly effective substances for softening lips without causing any sort of adverse reaction.

Licking Lips

When your lips are dry you might think licking them solves the problem, but did you know that by smacking your lips and licking them you are actually making the condition worse than it is. Saliva draws moisture from your lips, so your already dry lips are sucked out of even more, quickening the process of cracks in the skin. A much better idea is to keep a good lip balm with you that you can apply and reapply every time you feel your lips are dry.

Over Moisturize

This may sound a bit contradictory, but the truth is lip balms don’t work that way. The more the better was never an option for your lips. Good lip balms like Dr. Lipp lasts around 8 hours, with reapplication required after meals. Even after that you feel you need a deep moisturizing session, you can always slather petroleum jelly on lips before you go to bed. Applying too much of the lip balm is just a waste of product.