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Does The Weather Cause Dry Lips?
Nov 2017
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Our Diary...

Does The Weather Cause Dry Lips?

Sweetheart, dry lips are a total vibe killer and that is absolutely not what we are about. There are loooads of causes of dry lips, so we have rounded up a few to help you prevent sore or chapped lips and look gorgeously kissable all of the time!

We’re sure you’ll agree that this chilly weather is a total drag, darlings! The cold weather and wind is a sure fire way to make your poor lips parched. Our multipurpose balm is deliciously thick and provides a chic winter coat for your kissers to stay lovely and hydrated.

Licking your lips is not your best seduction technique and it’s doing your lips so favours either! In fact the Doctor told us so! If you can’t trust yourself, why not pop a hint of colour on your lips followed by a slick of Dr.Lipp – you won’t want to smudge your pout and you’re giving your dry, chapped lips a splash of hydration too!

Matte lipstick is all the rage, lovelies. We hear you. But chapped, flaky lips? Bleurgh! If you can’t forfeit matte lips for glossy lips, we recommend you pick a hydrating matte lipstick. We adooore Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution Lipsticks and then come bedtime, a generous slick of Dr.Lipp.

If you are out in the sun (and thereby probably not one of our UK customers!), always remember SPF on your lips too, the higher the better. We want hot lips girls, not sunburnt lips! The Doctor asked us to tell you that lanolin speeds up the repair and recovery of our skin and its molecular structure is almost identical to our skin’s natural oils. That’s why it works so well to repair the skin. Isn’t that amaaazing!

Stay glossy and #GoNatural sweethearts!