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Does Lip Balm Make Your Lips More Dry?
Mar 2017
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Does Lip Balm Make Your Lips More Dry?

Let’s cut to the chase: It shouldn’t.

We all know the feeling; you’ve slathered your chapped lips in balm to soothe the irritation, only to find that once it’s worn off you’re feeling even more dry than before. But why? Surely the more you layer on the more satisfying the lasting effect should be, right?

No, not necessarily.

First of all, when it comes to lip care, very, very rarely does more ever equal better. A good balm should leave your lips feeling hydrated and comfortable, even after it’s visibly worn off. Balms where the key ingredient (or in Dr.Lipp’s case, only ingredient) is lanolin are likely to have a lasting effect, as it doesn’t just sit on the surface and treat the top layer.

Lanolin is so close in composition to our skin’s natural oils that it actually accelerates the rate at which the skin on your lips is repairing itself, as well as providing that much-needed immediate relief. Effectively, it’s helping your lips to heal themselves so they become less reliant on external cures, whereas other products sometimes do the opposite.

Secondly, a factor that a lot of us don’t think about is the possibility that one or more ingredients in our lip products may actually be causing us additional irritation. Many non-natural ingredients in lip balms, like artificial scents, flavours and other nasty chemicals, can cause allergic reactions that are easily overlooked when you’re already dealing with lips that are irritated and chapped, and this can contribute to a cycle of constant reapplication.

Finally, if you’re using an all-natural, healing ingredient like lanolin and STILL experiencing persistent dry skin, it may be due to external factors or other underlying causes. If you’re spending extended periods of time in extremely harsh conditions, you will need to employ a bit of extra TLC, and exfoliate dead skin away so that your healing products can best reach the layers underneath. Additionally, like everything else in your body, your lips need water to be at their best, so make sure you’re keeping hydrated.

Drink up, exfoliate, keep things simple & natural, and get those lips in top shape!